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Weakass Nation
A Discussion of Well-Marbled Human Livestock
© 2020 James LaFond
My Lady, I have summoned Chainmail Jockstrap, or rather I tried. On the other end of the continuum I thought I heard wolves feasting and a mighty voice laughing as some sissy slave pens were relieved of their tasty meat...
I will do my best to make sense of your query.

Lynn Lockhart
Wed, Oct 21, 11:43 AM (7 days ago)
They guy gives his beginning lifts less than one minute into the video. 97lb deadlift and 45lb bench. He appears to be in his 30s and not to be suffering from any disabilities. I'm staggered that a healthy man could reach maturity with so little strength. The fact that one year of training has brought him to decent strength proves that it is not some systemic problem in the food or water. I think it must be an extremely sedentary childhood and adulthood. This is a guy that never gave a sibling or cousin a piggy back ride, or rode his bike up a hill or even walked up a hill, yet he appears fairly normal. What is going on here?

Miss Lockhart, I must confess to being a weakling myself, by almost all measures except for grip strength. At 143 pounds and 15 years I was my strongest:
117 dips
56 pushups
120 lb curl
145 lb snatch
155 lb clean and jerk
190 lb bench press
I shredded both shoulders at age 16 and by age 20 had wrecked my lower back, which had a deformity, scoliosis.
Now, 43-years later, I have to be very careful getting 60 lbs off the floor and running for a ground ball two days ago ruptured my left quadriceps. I am a gimp.
So, in a way I wonder at people with so much squandered potential and suggest that it comes down to mental weakness, which I think is a condition of our economic ethos, that to do anything with one's hands and to walk anywhere, is a humiliation. Try working with an American who owns a power tool, and you will spend more time finding the tool, getting extension cords and putting it away, than you would have used just using the manual tool.
I have been attacked hundreds of times for the crime of being white and walking. A white man on foot is a target for blew thugs, blick thugs and rednecks, who mark him as a failure in every way. I spent a few weeks chopping out a stump in an actual rural area of America and was viewed as an insane person even by men who work with their hands, for I was not using a machine, but an axe. These men were very nice and all offered to help me and then shook their head when I admitted to being insane and seeking exercise. Back in suburbia and the hood, I would have had sodas thrown at me by rednecks, gangs of thugs threaten me, cops question me about using the tool and doing a background check...
All this has happened to me for the simple crime of walking while white.
Booker T. Washington in Up From Slavery, noted over and over again with much dismay that he could not convince his people who came to the Tuskeegee Institute or their parents—especially their slave-raised parents—that it was a positive good to be able to make building materials and build a house. No, most all of these former slaves aspired to only one thing, to be a slave master, a managerial figure, polishing a seat cover and dressing to the nines while telling lesser humans what to do. I think this aversion, this religious dedication to lack of physical effort, from people killing one another over parking 20-feet closer to a retail outlet, to the TV remote, to drive-through windows in fast food establishments are nothing more than projections of our slave origins and our master aspirations. I see Plantation America clearly in the sloth that abounds all around.
As Richard Francis Burton once said, and here I paraphrase poorly, "A slave does not seek liberty, he seeks to be the owner of a slave."
Another once great slave society, that of the Greeks, was so averse to toil that they used slaves to perform oral sex, a habit the Romans seemed to have inherited in their own dastardly devolution from murderers to masters.
What is fascinating, is the focus on the body alone through instructed weight training and the maintenance of a weak mind [taking much procrastinating effort to maintain a slothful lack of discipline] even after the body has been stabilized. I do not care if you can deadlift a thousand pounds. If you are afraid to walk a block, I judge myself easily capable, even as I hobble weakly into oblivion of being able to stand up to you in combat.
Even when we seek vitality in this feedlot of souls it must not include combat ability, for the Great American Privilege has been, since I was a boy, the luxury of having the PIGs defend you and yours.
That is why the following news cheers the darker corners of my cold soul:

Mister, we could use a man like Frankie Rizzo again
12:16 AM (19 hours ago)
I used to alternately laugh and sneer at the English Bobbies and French flics who would flee from turd world mobs in cities built by and for Europeans. Never did I dream that AMERICAN PDs would adopt the same tactic (whether ordered to by the politicians or not). “Turning your back and lumbering away awkwardly” was just not in our use-of-force policy.
And if the “pigs” don’t want to be “fried like bacon”, then fuckin fight back!
The only word I can come up with is “shameful”.
Juan Stabone

I cannot view the links. But the prospect that more of my enemies—those lifelong hunters of my small pale ass—the Blick and the Blew are going at it, brings hope, that maybe this vile slave society will stop reinventing bondage and just collapse, bringing on an age of rapine, slaughter and yes, its crackpot time [news from the Rockies informed me of 4 degrees and snow yesterday] an Ice Age!
Planet Faggotron might be getting shut down!
Bondage Trajectory
plantation america
‘That Grand Rebel'
winter of a fighting life
sons of aryаs
solo boxing
shrouds of aryаs
america the brutal
plantation america
Bryce Sharper     Oct 29, 2020


Judging by his youthful jowls, the strength trainee in the video looks like he never played any sports and played mostly vidya games. At 30, he realizes he needs to make something of himself: attract a woman, etc.

Physiognomy is real.


Best comment:

We're rapidly heading towards anarchy. You compared us to the UK and France. Apparently both have become much more violent.
James     Oct 29, 2020

Physiognomy is a window into the face of reality—we can't have that!
Aidan Kerry     Oct 30, 2020

To play devil's advocate some of these gyms will deliberately start you at a very low weight if you've never worked with barbells before so that your form and technique is solid, feed you ego as your numbers go up, and keep you paying a membership fee.

One thing I've noticed among red tribe Americans at my church is that even if they are firmly upper middle class they still do home projects and want to have their kids do old school picket pounding and hay baling because it "builds character". I remember in Germany there's a huge aversion to that amongst a lot of them " Change your own oil?! That's for icky Polish people to do."
James     Oct 30, 2020

Red Tribe, I like it.

It makes sense that weight training at these places is a confidence building grift.
Don Quotays     Nov 1, 2020

Aside from grift, gyms are trying to avoid lawsuits.

Push these softies too hard and you can damage them.

Several articles in the past decade say the Army is getting much higher injury rates in basic training. The was even a recommendation for a pre-basic conditioning phase. They havent done that, that I know of.
James     Nov 1, 2020

When I was a supermarket manger, supposedly selling food, my chief job was lawsuit prevention.

Thanks for the information related to this article.
Bryce Sharper     Nov 3, 2020


We need someone like our ancestor Genghis Kahn to conquer us and get rid of our idle rich and weaklings. Supposedly, 80-90% of fighting-age males can't meet the moral, mental, or physical standards to even join the army. Of those, you're saying they need to be on a goon squad before they're fit enough to go to basic training? Pathetic. What would the recruits be fighting for, anyway?
Don Quotays     Nov 3, 2020

Indeed, why would they fight?

No glory, no nation, few women worthy of protection.

Money, perhaps? A weak reed for most when blood is flowing.
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