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Youthful Enthusiasm for a Crackpot Spasm
Richard Barret Applies Armour All to the Human Ducttape of Crackpotology
© 2020 James LaFond
Okay, folks, Richard likes me a lot more than I do and I'm going to dampen some of the glowing praise at the bottom of the page. But, I want to enjoy the read that might have been me if God wasn't looking the other way on the last day of winter, back in 1963...
[I might not be able to help sliding a comment in in brackets.]

My Intro For You on My Website
Richard Barrett
Thu, Oct 29, 11:39 PM (2 hours ago)
Hi James,
Below is my intro for you to set the tone for our discussions. The link is here to visit the page ( .
I have also included the page's text copied and pasted for your tech-challenged reading ease below!
Richard Barrett
The Lafond Files
I discovered the work of a little known hermit living on the far-off fringes of society a year ago. When you hear his tale, you will see how quick it was that we became friends.
James Lafond is a man who left a six figure job in his late twenties in order to live in the crime-ridden hood of Baltimore, Maryland…
He did this so he could live on a rent overhead of $197 a month, paying for it by working the night re-stocking crew in a Ghetto Grocery Store…
Why would a guy with a six figure job call it quits to do such a thing?
Because James Lafond only wanted to do three things:
That’s right…James Lafond has written and published hundreds of books on Military History, Historical Fiction, Literary Analysis, Memoir, Boxing Coaching Manuals, Situational Awareness, and much, much more!
But that’s not all. He’s one of the top stick fighters in the world, and one of the world’s leading boxing coaches in one of the most dangerous cities in America today–he doesn’t just know the history of the warriors. He lives it!
And when he’s not in the gym testing his mettle and passing the torch to the next generation, he’s in the library, studying the history of the Western Warriors of Old and their Literary Chroniclers throughout the eons.
Yes, James Lafond is truly a one of a kind. At first glance, he seems pretty rough-hewn…a man so politically incorrect, he makes Rush Limbaugh look like Barack Hussein Obama!
But don’t let his rough veneer and tough talk fool you! He’s one of the nicest, most honest, straight-shooting guys you’ll ever meet–a product of his tough life and tough conditioning. They say the Strong Men are truly Kind Men, and James proves that rule down to a T.
He’s a man who loves all people of all colors and creeds, believing that all men and women have inherent dignity, and should be able to defend it as such. He lives by a code of basic human decency that used to be common, but these days is as rare as gold!
[Wow, I pulled that scam off, brother? Really, I just play that role because I love ebony sluts with giant asses...]
When I bought some of James’ books on Amazon, I knew I had to get a hold of the guy, and talk to him. Luckily for me, that’s his schtick!
His deal is that readers write into his website,, and he writes back with a response. Kind of like a man’s man Dear Abby!
So that’s what I did, and indeed, James wrote back! Such was the beginning of a blossoming friendship…two men with strange interests so divergent that they don’t seem to make sense to the common mind’s eye. But look closer between the lines, and you’ll find the common core of eternal life questions on Manhood, Combat, and the Human Condition.
With that, I give you “The Lafond Files”…a regularly-updated compilation of all of the correspondence between Richard Barrett and James Lafond!
•“A Fellow Traveler Down Dark Ways: James Discusses War With Richard Barrett” Richard and James meet for the first time…Richard tells James his story, and James relays Richard his! Once the nitty-gritty is out of the way, Richard and James discuss the differences between Western and Non-Western Warrior Cultures!
•“Confrontational Predation: Richard Barrett and James Discuss the Arayan Warrior Tradition” Richard and James break down the Ancient Germanic origins of Confrontational Combat Culture, and discuss an early version of Richard’s “Operational Culture Checklist” (updated version found HERE). As a BONUS, Saddam’s influence on our Warrior Culture gets a shout-out!
•“Where Western Warriors Wend 1: A Dialogue with Richard Barrett on the Western Warrior at Twilight” Richard and James talk Richard’s favorite topics…the application of Military thinking to wider Society, the Literary Seriousness of Pulp Fiction, and Victorian British Military Culture!
•“Where Western Warriors Wend 2: A Dialogue with Richard Barrett on the Western Warrior at Twilight” Richard and James continue the discussion…was it Nurture or Nature that created British and German WWI Warfighting Culture? Was the War on Terror good, bad, or in between? And which side would the Military fight on in a Conservative vs. Liberal Civil War in America?
•“Arete and Agony: Richard Barrett and James Discuss the Conceptual and Spiritual Aspects of Arayan Warrior Culture” Richard and James take a quick break from the heavy geo-politics to get to the heart of Confrontational Western Warrior Culture! From exact strength and conditioning workouts to grappling grips to the Metaphysics of Conflict, it’s all here inside!
•“Military Awareness: Richard and James Discuss Military Use in Historical and Future Colonial and Civilian Settings” Richard and James get back on the Historical and Geopolitical Band Wagon, discussing why European Imperialism wasn’t what most people think, how British Imperialism differed from German Imperialism and how that impacted the Iraq War of today, and finally, just what would a Liberal Army look like in Civil War 2.0? Richard gives some of his best Military Analysis to date–and James is positively shocked he didn’t think of it before!
•“Hurtling Into the Abyss: Richard and James Discuss Peace In Our Streets” Richard and James are back! This time, they discuss societal breakdown, as Richard shares family history while James makes probing points about the weakness beneath society’s glittering veneer. A timely winner you won’t want to miss!
•“Roleplay and the Civic Bray: Assesing Creep State Options from the Perspective of Adventure Writing” Richard Barrett joins a writer’s round-up of responses to James’ past posts…and convinces James that America’s G.I.s will NOT be the Leftist Foot Soldiers of a potential doomsday future!
•“To Control the Omega Man: Richard Barrett and James Lafond Discuss the Self-Cultivation of the Alienated Mind” Richard and James return, this time with a personal discussion on Personality, Libraries, Fighting, and Women that’s straight out of the O.K. Corral (literally)!
•“On Mythology: Richard Barrett and the Crackpot Mythropologist Discuss Our Collective Narrative Depth” Knights, Cowboys, and G.I.s! Richard and James get right to the Meat and Potatoes of Western Warrior Culture in every popular culture manifestation, defining Mythology, talking about the Duke, and grappling (once more!) with the meaning of the War On Terror! Their best collaboration yet!
•“Running as a Martial Art: Richard Barrett and James Discuss our Ambulatory Heritage and Modern Applications” The Dynamic Duo talk about running in the Western Warrior Tradition…and the foot strengthening methods used by the old time greats, now available to us today! Slant boards, BAPPs Boards, and rebar all make an appearance, while Christopher McDougal’s groundbreaking running histories, Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes are compared to Eric Orton’s The Cool Impossible training manual are reviewed. And the personal training stories from Richard and James make the whole thing worth the read time alone. NOTE: the seventh paragraph that starts out “A man I coached for…” is James talking, although that paragraph is not in brackets.

James LaFond <>
2:00 AM (3 minutes ago)
to Richard
Thanks, this is very kind.
I left the job in my 40s, not my 20s, making me a true asshole. And, I was only making 80K a year, which was twice as much as my dumbass had ever made and I was doing a job that typically paid six figures on the cheap, the only reason why I got hired. I was the broken toy on the Manager Discount Shelf at Shithole City Human Resourcing.
I lived in a nice suburb when I managed the ghetto store, and when I got the night crew job in a nice suburb I had to move to the ghetto!
Stick-fighting: I've had more bouts than anybody in the world, but could never beat any of the top guys in the mid-Atlantic region.
I am the best boxing coach among those who wrote three boxing manuals. But, I am not regarded as a boxing coach by any boxing people and got rejected for my reapplication and certification by USA Boxing in 2004 for, I think, my stick-fighting activity. I'm a lousy corner man, to be honest, can't tape hands to save my life.
I failed to get resigned by the Harm City Hoodrats as their P.R. Man, because I could no longer outrun crackheads as of December, 2017..I've skulked out of the hood a while back and am sleeping in a garage in the Pacific Northwest...
Wait, I'm confused, Rush Limbaugh is politically incorrect?
I thought that guy was a social justice warrior—didn't him and Bama both work for Oldman Shrub?
I'm must be the constant ringing in my ears. I get dizzy every time I get hit or look up at the sky, or sit up in bed.
Thanks for the kind words, Richard and your boundless enthusiasm. One day I'm going to get one of your big-brained emails, think about answering, then spike my baby food with 151 rum and try to remember a time when I could take a mean punch and Pamela Anderson was still fine...

I'll post again on Monday and Tuesday about my shit-bird train trip from Oakland, California to Portland, Oregon, which I think will be my final travel articles. I'm taking the weekend off to write a novelette.
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