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If I Cannot Rationalize It
It Cannot Exist: Crackpot Podcast 085
© 2020 James LaFond
I would like to thank Lynn for all of her work on these podcasts, for promoting my crooked pixel scribbling, and also our listeners and readers for your support.
I have committed to doing one last Myth of the 20th Century podcast on a certain subject deer to them and queer to me as soon as I can read the book we discussed.
Podcasting with Lynn will be seasonal at most, possibly only once a year.

Time Stamps
0:05:24 Training trip to Virginia
0:15:00 Pandemic update
0:21:15 Apocalisp, Waking Up in Indian Country, Thriving in Bad Places
0:29:00 Floyd, Detroit couple, St. Louis couple
0:31:45 Detroit video
0:38:55 The story of RJ
0:49:00 St. Louis McCloskeys, weapons strategies
0:58:20 The truth about cops
1:12:46 Wignats vs wigBLMers
1:25:00 We have failed a test of faith, new faith being installed
1:41:40 Part II begins, policing in a small community
1:48:40 "Usher" start video at 1:50:00
2:01:10 Schools, moms
2:20:00 Media consumption
2:35:45 Establishment of a new religion
2:55:50 The hero, truth and lies
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Harmonica Dog Walker     Nov 4, 2020

Kind of sounds like you and Lynn are checking out, maybe for good. Well, good luck and Godspeed to both of you and yours. I sure enjoyed the books and podcasts. Much love.
James     Nov 4, 2020

Other than being worried about increased system scrutiny and Lynn's protection from such, I do not like how I feel after doing a podcast—it addles my mind and interferes with my writing. All those audios go away with the press of a button. But some of the books might last. Numerous of my video instructionals and some podcasts have totally vanished already. With my remaining time I'd like to concentrate on lasting work.

Thank you for your kind words.
New Ledford     Nov 4, 2020

You mention in the podcast you've moved into the top 1% of combat ability as most younger males are now soft non-combatants.

I've never considered myself a fighter. I'm about your age, taller with some muscle from lifting, but low athletic ability. I train a little at boxing, but can only win with a lucky right hand. Grew up in a safe rural neighborhood. No friend would describe me as dangerous. But I notice I get respect from the underclass, particularly the nobles. Not sure why, but I have two theories.

One: I grew up playing outside in the woods. Few do now, so does something about the way I walk, stand, and observe look different? Never hunted, but played a lot at war with friends.

Two: Hollywood now hires certain ghost actors to play killers, and they look like me. I don't watch these movies or tv shows, so I'm just guessing based on two people telling me I look like a serial killer. If so, thank you Hollywood.

Either way, it's fine by me as I have zero desire to rumble. If my mere presence creates a zone of menace, suits me.

Always enjoy the podcast and your books.


New Ledford
James     Nov 4, 2020

Being the villain has its advantages!

Thank you for your well-wishes and good fortune.
New Ledford     Nov 4, 2020

The scariest creature in modern Western imagination: the physically capable middle-aged paleface who will look you in the eye.

There's such a low bar for super-villain status. Any 50 year-old ghost can do it and should be ashamed if he doesn't.
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