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The Mythic Slave Girl
An Actualization of the Most Ancient Social Class for Role Playing Games
© 2020 James LaFond
I have recently been game-mastering for two boys and a man, the two boys now in that pre-teen slot. I have placed them in a lost city that is a combination of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ setting for the novel Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar and Robert E. Howard’s settings for Queen of the Black Coast, Xuthal of the Dusk and Red Nails. These venues are well-stocked with slave girls.
As two of these dainty properties fell into the laps of one of the adventurers, the adult barbarian, his two companions of more civilized type decided to raid for slave girls, reveling in a world where women were not the highest morale authority but rather the standard commodity…
Before continuing with the adventure, I swore the boys to secrecy, letting them know that I could be banned from Portland if their mother found out I was moderating female abduction scenarios.
For you none-gamers, a character typically has 6 attributes, ranging in value from 3-18. For instance, an intelligence range from 30 to 180 IQ points. Gods and such can have higher values.
These are: Strength, intelligence, dexterity, constitution, wisdom and charisma.
Also there are hit points, damage that can be sustained by the adventurer.
As they wanted to use these slave girls as NPCs, which surprised me and bemused their father, I came up with a quick system for generating a slave girl.
Strength: 4-9 or 3 + 1d6 [one six-sided die]
Intelligence: 4-9 or 3 + 1d6 [A slave girl with a 90 IQ is essentially a super genius of her kind.]
Dexterity: 3-18 or 3d6, governing the crucial ability to slip from an abductor’s grasp and dart behind a silk curtain, as well as pouring wine without spilling it…
Constitution: 3-18 or 3d18
Wisdom: 4-9 or 3 + 1d6
Beauty: 4-24 or 4d6, half of this score amounting to their Charisma or force or persuasiveness of their personality
HP: 2-7 plus constitution bonus [these are not combatants and have no means of attack other than delivery of drugs or poison]
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment:
Slippers [good only for indoors, literally shredding on contact with road surfaces]
Bikini top, pasties, sea conch bra, etc…
Jewelry, the bracelet, necklace and anklet being most symbolically important
Makeup is not required. Slave girls are born with lipstick and eye shadow and Aphrodite’s own tweezers…
Catching a slave girl is accomplished by the slave girl and her pursuer both rolling 1d20. This result is compared to the dexterity score. The character with the highest negative difference between the roll and their ability, is successful. A tie prolongs the pursuit.
My favorite Frazzetta painting of Conan with his slave girl from the story Xuthal of the Dusk:
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