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Nailing American Spartacus to the Cross
The Weekend of 11/7-8/2020
© 2020 James LaFond
My dear readers, I will not be posting this weekend as I am dedicating it to completing Search for an American Spartacus, a survey of some 400 American slave revolts.
Please keep in mind, as the current System of Control weights your disagreeable mind down with it's media shackles and you fret under the ireful glare of the baleful gaslight as the Lie continues to sprout from its vile root, that no slave, rebel, or revolutionary who did not enjoy the support of the top economic 1% of the soul-eating elite, ever succeeded in throwing off the chains of bondage in English North America. And, in 1783, when the single successful revolt in America's 435-year history succeeded, the traitor to his king and to his soldiers, George Washington—our foundational grifter—refused to turn on his super-rich co-conspiritors and sold his fighting men back into the system.
So, let some other woke devil loose his head at the guillotine of souls and survive for another day.
Enjoy the shit show.
-James, 11/6/2020 Whitefish, Montana
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Ruben Chandler     Nov 6, 2020

If Lynn sees this, she'll now know that as has been Twitter tradition for this election, the 2018 midterms, and the 2016 elections I have been thrown off Twitter again for "hate speech". This time for calling Wolf Blitzer a "dickless buffoon" with more in common with the rich than the people in a Tweet where he tried to masquerade as one of us. I didn't do anything for the mid-terms, just woke up and was suspended a month before the elections themselves. In 2016 I said the only difference between Hillary Clinton and a pit bull lipstick.....for that I was banned for a year. LOL. The idea that anyone who thinks that our national discourse can comprise anything beyond the location of the transgender bathrooms and not be censored by social media is dead wrong.

I'm no Trump fan but I do agree we are watching another stolen election. Counting stopped as the Tangerine Twatwaffle is winning everywhere. I agree he told his followers to vote in person but I also find it suspicious than 186k votes mysteriously turn up in a kryptonite jockstrap on the side of a highway and they are all for Plugz Biden.

Popcorn is beginning to wear thin on day three of the shit show. Hope you're all having fun!!!!!
James     Nov 6, 2020

If Orange Man somehow manages to retain the throne, I suspect that the Creep State will kill him.

That is why I am hiding out on the Canadian border, waiting for the military that oversaw the Rwanda genocide to cross the border and install the new slander-in-chief.
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