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'You All Boys Git'
Notes on Bonding at Ringside
© 2020 James LaFond
Fight Video Commentary
Inbox: Tue, Nov 24, 7:10 AM (1 day ago)
I remember you posted a cell phone fight video with some great & humorous fight commentary and mentioned that said commentary was something that black people excelled at.
Came across this one and dude provides less in the way of commentary but more in the way of wisdom and life advice which is ignored by the combatants. Now if it was a white commentator on the video he would start generating emotions because his advice was ignored and somehow get involved (e.g. call police, get angry or take a side) exposing said white person to risk. Being black, the commentator notes his advice is being ignored, shrugs it off and proceeds with his original plan requesting the combatants: "you all boys git from the register so I can pay".

This is something I cannot view on my dying device. However, I'm sure most of the readers can.
I was once at the Pikesville Armory watching a muscular Mandingo from Boston fight a skinny Vietnamese-American named Skipper Kelp. To my left was an older black fighter who began his anti-Skipper banter, and I took up the defense of my half-blood non-relation in the ring. It was a great time, punctuated by a full round of Skipper running from Mighty Joe Young, and then getting caught with a huge slapping left hook on the shoulder that sent a full pint of sweat arching up over the ropes and bringing a dainty chorus of "Eww!" from the three ring card girls at the bell. Then, the beautiful blonde who got up into the ring had her bikini dotted-with sweat stains and was actually shaking her ass and boobs to shed the rest of Skipper's prodigious sweat from her golden skin!
The ideal street situation is to have two sage hoodrats—myself qualifying—doing color commentary at the same time, which places another dynamic, a poetic competition orbiting the central event.
Thanks for cuing that warm memory in which I and my hereditary enemy had 45-minutes of fun at each others' expense, with each exchange beginning in ritual cadence, with "Your Boy..."
H. L. Mencken?
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Earl     Nov 26, 2020

I just want my sandwich
    Nov 26, 2020

Sir, you forgot your grape soda...
Don Quotays     Nov 26, 2020

The humor of the human condition never disappoints.

Not a lot of combat skill on display.
    Nov 26, 2020

Note how hard it is to punch a fat fuck in the balls.
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