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#2 Science Fiction Conditions: Prequel 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
Condition 1: the U.S. Government, has not since, at the very east 1914, been at all concerned with the well-being of the American Nation State or its subjects, but has instead been constituted for over 100 years to exploit Americans towards the goal of a Global Supra State. Any reading of history that neglects this political foundation will skew futurist predictions.
Condition 2: Since the precepts of American history are based upon lies, believed by liberals and conservatives, Christians and Satanists, Communists and Libertarians, socialists and fascists, this nation has a binary thought stream that operates on a false polarity of Utopian opposites. This thought stream, being organically grown under the long stewardship of the academic and entertainment steerage cults, provides the individual mind—even the dissident mind—with an inoculation against perceiving Reality. Hence, any predictions that are made will, despite proven accuracy of the prediction set, be mis-framed, misunderstood, railed against and ignored, especially by dissident thinkers who yet dwell within the polarity. Further toxifying perception is the doctrinaire nature of American thought. Despite a plummeting intelligence and literacy level, Americans, largely conditioned to endlessly schism into tiny factions over biblical doctrine—I was witness to such an argument yesterday—during the formation of this nation, in the spiraling fall into secular ethicism, will forever fall upon one another’s ideas and beliefs, and in so doing seek validation from the extant Social Steerage Cults of church, government and economy and serve the system much like Indian tribes feuding facilitated the original geographic expansion of the American Economic Zone.
Condition 3: related to condition 2 is the endless thirst for validation engendered in the seeking soul who has been weaned in the gutters of the Great American Lie. One will note that those people with the intelligence to parse the lie, will find some ancient misdeed to stake a claim of injustice on and argue that the tale of this war or that act was the reverse of what is told. Hence, the few people not blinded by the false polarity built into the Lie Matrix we exist within, will instead permit the false precept of Government Service to individual, creed, ethnicity or good to infect their perception with the emotive volatility of justice and injustice, which is the balancing duality that entraps the individual mind capable of breaching the collective delusion within the false matrix. This is the beauty of gaslighting, that those emergent minds that can see the lie, fall to battling it within the collective field according to the very false pretenses that permitted the lie to begin with, the notion that massive, extra-human systems of control serve humanity. This is reflected in the toxic obsession with WWII, with most books published on the inquiry into the present human condition [called history] devoted to the study of that post-human war as either foundational to a just of unjust society. Every mind pointed towards a WWII book is pointed away from the past and the future and entrapped in the present.
Condition 4: Postmodern Society, as were Modern, Medieval and Ancient societies, is deeply religious. This reality is buttressed by the delusion that we live in a post religious world, with preachers forever claiming that cults are not religions, that ideologies are not religions, and within Christianity, that these dozens of denominations are not really part of that religious field. This is reflective of the fact that the vast majority of humans are incapable of original thought—really, how many spearmen failed to invent the bow and arrow?
The capacity for original thought in humans is statistically insignificant at the least, and probably, in my estimation, fails to exceed those of canines. For instance, I now live with a dog that can open sliding doors. Very few human possess that capacity to act outside of their template. Therefore, I see ultimate, witch-burning, Reformation levels of religious fanaticism returning, largely enabled by the belief that we are post-religious. Both atheist church burners and Christians will look at a Church burning and see a post-religious act when it is in fact as profoundly religious in expression as the First Crusade and the Acts of Paul, Peter, Luther and Calvin. We are such fools that we look at the return of iconoclasm and see an end to religious action and fervent faith.
Condition 5: Gross systems of control, such as policing, academics and medicine—now obviously under the direction of the oblique [media and political] and deep [criminal and conspiratorial] systems of control, have bene recently delegitimized. The foolish belief in government as public service prevents even seekers to understand that these systems of control are merely being demolished so that more sturdy systems may be constructed. The curse of identifying society and individual well-being with the health of the parasitic state is like saying a man with terminal cancer is hearty and thriving because his tumors are growing at a high rate. Hence another expression of Condition 1 is that the seeker sees a system upgrade as a tragedy and is thus geared to take the mental knee.
Condition 6:The panic of the entire global system directed at one hopeful nationalist leader who attempted little more than slowing the increase in global growth in certain narrow fields, leads this writer to suspect that either the Global System has become organically self-aware and is now an active evil leviathan thirsting to eradicate humanity, or, more likely I think, that the Social Steerage Cults, at some level, are operating according to knowledge that a global climatic event, probably a cooling and food reduction cycle, is underway or imminent.
Condition 7: This is a realistic science-fiction exercise. This means, that contrary to popular science-fiction and such fiction foisted as history that a certain nationalistic leader of the last century sought world conquest when he stridently sought the opposite, that there can be no “save the world” ending. The System of Control has a hunger, has been rendered hyper-aggressive by those fools who served it by attempting to cage it and causing it to find the untapped strength that enabled its gossamer chains to be burst so easily and imbuing it with titanic awareness. This Beast is directed, corrected and set upon enemies by its handlers and remains a great danger to these genius minds as well. The Social Steerage Cults sit upon the heads of the beast like ancient mahutes riding war elephants that have gone nearly mad over some bristling resistance. Such men had a hammer and spike to kill the elephant when it went mad. But their postmodern counterparts ride the many heads of an every growing beast, which may grow new heads, and has the aspect of the cannibal, happy to eat its own when they falter.
This series or articles are written not for the good of my fellow moral marooners on this planet of the damned, but simply to entertain some future boy, by serving as a postmodern chronology for the novellas:
Those books listed below are marked with * for outlined or in progress [this being the week I write Prentice Dolphin], ** for completed and *** for in print as of 12/7/2020.
-The Consultant ***
-Reverent Chandler ***
-Malediction Song ***
-Nightsong of the Nords**
-Who Writes the Songs of Night**
-American Dream Boat**
-Ghost Snatcher **
-The Filthy Few**
-By Gaslight **
-Prentice Dolphin *
-Drinking with a Gay Giraffe *
-Longshank Cain *
-Beyond the Pale*
-Dream Eater*
Note that The Sunset Saga and Organa uses another, more heavily bio-tech timeline, that Ire and Ice, a White Christmas, the Jericho Bone, Yusef of the Dusk and Drink Deep of Night, use a unique projection, and that the Tribes Yarns, Supplicant Song and Confessor use an earlier, and entirely larger scale timeline. The remainder of the fiction is stand alone, or follows a lesser thread like Skulker Jones and A Hoodrat Halloween.
Below find the outlines of Parts 3 thru 6.
And remember, this series of articles is written not for political or academic purposes, its author being both uneducated and apolitical, and is not even written for “information purposes,” but is simply written to entertain you as we lurch towards damnation on the hideous back of the reeking thing of malefic hate that we were once told was beautiful and loved us.

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Don Quotays     Dec 13, 2020

You touch on something most fail to grasp.

The isms, communism, fascism, socialism, progressivism, libertarianism and feminism are in fact religions, Utopian religions.

They have scripture, sacraments, acts of faith, and martyrs.

People have a deep and abiding need to believe in something bigger than themselves, and when Christianity was abandoned, the isms arose to fill the aching void in people's souls.

The believers in the isms are as dangerous as any knight on Crusade, except lacking the combat training.
    Dec 12, 2020

There is a clear ethical path from Congregationalist Protestantism to fervent atheism.
roo_ster     Jan 16, 2021

I can barely stomach WWII European Theater or WWI movies anymore. All I see now is human wastage on both sides in service to evil. In the background I hear one of the (((usual suspects))) whispering, "Lets you and him fight."
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