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'A Nation of Rodents'
What News Sources Do You Trust?
© 2020 James LaFond
simple q
12:36 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
where do u go for news
who do u trust

James LaFond <>
2:13 PM (2 hours ago)
to Balmor
I don't do either.
I do no web searches other than for word origins and bios of the long dead minor leaguers of history.
I trust people I talk to face-to-face about their experiences and real observations, like, "I saw this big fucking coyote-looking thing and I don't know what it is," and try to correlate them with mine.
This world we live in is bound up in a web of lies so I enjoy the texture and avoid the news.
I do have some trust for practical reporting on niche subjects, like defensible use of force reports and agricultural news on crop yields, growing conditions and game herds.

Below are the types of news sources that I trust, being that I am interested in the human condition and care nothing for the System Opinion.

"I was out having some food and beer at a restaurant when the news announcement came that all bars and restaurants were getting shut down, right then, done. The waitress just started to cry. I bought some extra food and gave her a $25 tip."
-Mister Grey, Fascist of 45 years, yesterday, 12/15/20

"I am not a rodent. I will not live under a rock. I'm an American. If I want to go to a bar to eat my rodent food and risk disease, I should be able to. On one level this is of course an attack on the economy. But more than that, this is an attack on the American Character. Now I find myself living in a nation of rodents."
-Sensei Steve, Democrat of 65 years, yesterday 12/15/20

"You don't wear the mask. I wear the mask! I'm the boss!"
-Girl of 5, Sunday, 12/13/20

That is my kind of news.
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Don Quotays     Dec 15, 2020

One of the side effects of life is eventually you see MSM reporting on something you actually know about.

And the difference between your knowledge and their story can be extreme.

The only value in consuming MSM is to determine what the elites want you to believe.
James     Dec 16, 2020

The beauty is, the les exposure you have, the easier it is to get the message at a glance.
Peter Franks     Dec 16, 2020

A rat themed face panty obedience muzzle!

Forward! The Great Reset Leap Forward.
James     Dec 16, 2020

We leap, then scurry!
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