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Prentice Dolphin Complete
A Science-Fiction Novella
© 2020 James LaFond
At 17,567 words over 90 pages, the novella of earth set in the late third millennium A.D. is complete. It will be published in print and e-pub with the non-fiction essays on writing science fiction, science and religion written while it was composed, titled Soliloquy. These two works will be available separately on pdf. The first 9 of 18 chapters will be posted here online in 2021.
If you would like an advance copy, please contact me at ϳаmeslа at gmа
Soliloquy 5
Gargoyles Sang… 7
Bannermen Sang… 13
Brazen Trumpets Blared… 17
A Ditcher Sang… 23
Devil Songs Rushed… 33
Titan Corpses Moaned… 40
The Hinterbeast Roared… 47
Shrill Heresy Whispered the Spears of Barbary… 55
The Acts of Justice Claret 59
Interlude 61
A Dour Devil Did Scream… 62
Mother of God Rang His Prayer… 66
Ghostly Songs Wrung from Devil Tongs… 70
Whirling the Dolphin Sang… 73
Rendal Calls Rang among the Accursed Halls… 76
Rang the Brassy Chalice of Revelation… 81
Mournfully Sung the Weird Woman… 87
Finishing Prentice Dolphin
author's notebook
Darkest Eve
let the world fend for itself
the first boxers
yusef of the dusk
the lesser angels of our nature
by the wine dark sea
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