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Spitlord Approved
Four Overton Railroad Drafts in Print... I Spit You Not
© 2021 James LaFond
I have had books held, suppressed and blocked, which is understandable since I am a bad boy.
My censorship problems all started when Orange Usurper was elected. I was miffed by this, as I don't vote and was doubly miffed because I wanted to see the Gorgan Quean go to war against Kzar Putt. A couple weeks back four of my books were held up in review for 8 days but got passed. As much as we are supposed to think that when evil rules the hunt will intensify, I would like to remind that wolves are more dangerous when hungry, not while feasting.
The following four books were approved in exactly 3 hours—a quicker time than ever on this 24-72-hour platform, and I have uploaded about 120 books on this platform since 2015. All four, while uploaded a half hour appart, were approved at the same time. Perhaps the Steersmen of Unhate have decided that you, in your virtual gulag, will be less likely to break out if some jerk is permitted to tell stories of a dying world?
Maybe I made a friend behind the Nylon Curtain?
Maybe reading my stuff was so painful that a censor just saw it come up on their feed and groaned, "If I read another LaFond book I might finally eat the entire bottle of sleeping pills, and I will be reborn as an American lap dog and suffer indignities..." APPROVED!
Also, subsidy publishing houses have been trying to get me to publish through them at an increased rate. This seems to be related to the rate at which I am using this platform, which suggests some employment fluidity between promotional and censorship platforms.
Thank you!

Dawn: On the Overton Railroad: 2018-19 Paperback January 8, 2021
by James LaFond (Author), Randy Sterling Bracken (Author)

Dusk: Charting American Decline: January 1- March 9 2020 Paperback January 8, 2021 by James LaFond (Author)

Morning: On the Overton Railroad: Autumn 2019 Paperback January 8, 2021
by James LaFond (Author), Randy Sterling Bracken (Author)

Of the Midnight Sun: On the Overton Railroad: January thru March 2020 Paperback January 8, 2021 by James LaFond (Author), Randy Sterling Bracken (Author)
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