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Soliloquy 4
Losing a Woman, a Wife, a Family
© 2021 James LaFond
As society insists that women marry it instead of us, believe in it instead of us, love it instead of us, more and more of us will be forsaken by the woman or women in our lives.
I have only known 15 women in my life and I have been dumped by 14 of them, in some cases numerous times. Having a woman tell me to hit the road or to not come back—this happened to me twice this year, two of my girls getting sick of my hobo life and asking that I erase.
I am still feeling good about both of these rejections.
Being rejected by women is one of our keys held by society to control us through loneliness, ostracism and shame. It stings at first, then an invisible chain falls away and you can appreciate how you were diminished by compromising with this dainty creature, that you were fatigued over constantly having to protect her from Reality.
Now, next to quitting a job, I would have to say, that I have never felt better about being alive than when my wife asked me to leave. That was like a bolt from Zeus freeing Prometheus from his rock as the eagle pecked his liver. Marriage is a trap, a way for the system to enlist a wife as its hostage to keep you under its thumb. Except in extreme instances, most wives will side with the news, the politicians, the government, against their husband. If you’ve got one of those good girls, that sees herself as being mated with you as a team against an evil world—than good for you. Keep her.
But if she is not that girl, if there is any condition of political belief tied to your relationship, do not marry her. Other than to keep common cause with your religion, I see only downsides to marriage for a man and suggest being married in your mind and keeping the government out of the bedroom.
Now, though I breathe more freely unmoored from the various balls-and-chains who have set me free, I have a soft spot for the children and grandchildren. That is where the woman can harm you, by devoting her energy to having other family members ostracize you. To a large degree, the shamdemic and the toxic political polarization of the social justice era, has served the government well by fracturing many families along media lines. Our relationship with family other than the mate is now the prime target of the system. The past 50 years were devoted largely to destroying familial relationships along gender and age lines. Going forward, I see turning lateral relationships sour within the remaining family structure to be a system goal, including the introduction of new gender identity and the politics of shared guilt. Grandparents will be increasingly ostracized.
Try and avoid these latter fates by editing your thoughts before speaking and not red-pilling or black-pilling or grey-pilling your remaining family and associates. This is a key social survival skill, for state edicts will increasingly make meeting new people difficult.
Guilt race men will increasingly be ostracized by the women and children they are closest to. I suggest minimizing this risk. Being totally alone is very hard. No matter how much a woman says she can handle clear discussion of reality, do not believe her, especially if it is your mom or sister. What you know will melt her mind. Make her laugh instead.
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fatmanjudo     Feb 16, 2021

shared laughter is a lit match in the darkness.
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