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Completed Beyond Rainbow Bridge
The Curious Afterlife of Dandelion Machi
© 2021 James LaFond
The short novel and attached articles comes to 26,098 words over 143 pages, including 76 pages of fiction, written between 1/18/21 and 1/22/21, and 77 pages of nonfiction articles written in late 2020.
Dust Cover
In 2041, 21 years “after the Vid,” Rick, a 78-year-old longevity bodybuilder, one of the last humans capable of the now nearly extinct ancient curse of fanaticism, is finally confronted with the loss of his reason for being and must find a final purpose in life.
In 2041, after 21 years “behind the mask,” an atomized America virtually designed by Infotech Demigod Brill Yates, is stalked by the last ideologue of a dying race.
Apathy Yore 2041 7
The Attendant 11
Pittsburgh Safety Patrol 15
Molly 17
Mike 22
Rainbow Bridge 27
Care the Bear 31
A Broken Heart in Hell 37
Travis Drexel McCloud 41
Molly Hatchet 43
The Problem with Chinese Bitches 49
He Came from God 55
For the Love of Akbar Khat 58
Social Media Four 63
Janitorial Engineering 72
Epilogue 74
Nonfiction Appendix 77
The Bat 1 77
H. L. Mencken? 83
'to beat this thread to death' 88
Mobbing Up 92
'Establishment of a New Community' 95
Old Hobo, Young Lobo 99
Plagiarist to Cuck 102
'A Nation of Rodents' 104
Shaving Sideways 107
Brits, I Think 109
Wearing Wan 116
Good Ghosts in the Ghastly Machine 118
'Techno Corporate State?' 121
Chainmail Jockstrap 126
Ma Tree Fron' Teeff 128
Search for a Soulmate 135
Soliloquy 2020 Completed
books in progress
Fire and Vice Completed
crag mouth
on the overton railroad
book of nightmares
beasts of aryаs
honor among men
uncle satan
z-pill forever
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