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Pulp Fiction Renaissance
A New Adventure Literature Site Published by Richard Barett
Here is the link!
Pulp Fiction Renaissance
Richard Barrett

For years, Richard has trying to convince other people who went to school for writing to go in with him on a Pulp Fiction site.
He then discovered, on going through the archives on this page, that I was hoping to do the same thing in 2012.
As you can see an entire 79 people even glanced at the idea back then.
We both thought, that the time for pulp fiction had returned.
So, we did the ether handshake and here it is.
Richard is doing all the work and just got the site up.
He will be serializing my new short novel Prentice Dolphin, as well as serializing, in their entirety, my older fictions: The Jericho Bone and Planet Buzzkill, and a fourth which I think he has yet to select from my older stuff.
I have already written an essay comparing the Conan and John Carter characters for the site.
I'm hoping Richard will be the next Farnsworth Wright of pulp. If you have any ideas or requests, contact him through
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RubenJan 22, 2021

Sounds, to use what will probably be, by a Biden executive order, a decree to say it "thounds marvelous, abtholutely fabulous", pass my man purse and meet me in the ladies room at lunch.

Seriously it sounds exciting!
HankJan 27, 2021

I'll be following this site with interest!!
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