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The Saving of Dude a Memoir by Michael: Sorrows of Childhood #10
© 2021 James LaFond
An anonymous author, who is by far more fearful of the Creep State than I am—and with good reason for the fiends have held him in their gripes in childhood, youth and through some stints in adulthood—sent me two books he has written. The second book I am reading first, which is his six-part memoir.
Michael was born in the summer of love and saddled with a New Age name, taught music and forced into drug use—a story I have heard from other men younger than I. Many people scoff at the idea that parents would put their kids on illegal drugs in babyhood. But I do not. I had no girlfriend and only one friend in my youth, because I was only one of a handful in some 200 students at Trinity High School in Washington PA, who did not do drugs. Besides, schools and the assignment of medical mind altering drugs to children—mostly boys—is quite common today.
In Michael’s very first chapter, he sketches how he was given drugs by the warden of a local youth prison who was dating his mother, and how the drug use and the fact that he had to leave the house at night while the warden was railing his mother—not because he was asked but because the noise bothered him—led to him being sentenced to imprisonment under the very same evil warden’s care.
I do not know if Michael knows that this very nation was founded on child trafficking, and that institutionalization of child trafficking is very profitable. For instance, the dope the warden gave to him and his mother to control them, was bought with money made from ruling abused children for the government. If Michael knows that most of my ancestors were child slaves and that the Eastern United States is a mass grave site, a crime scene where some millions of European boys were sacrificed on the altar of Mammon, I will stand surprised. However, the fact that this man, who has not read my Plantation America work [or any of my work for that matter], and has met me recently by chance in a parking lot, and has sent me the tale of his child enslavement in the 1970s, on the very day [being yesterday] when I was writing five chapters in a 10 part booklet on child trafficking in the United States, in the past the present and the future, speaks of more than coincidence.
The author is a Christian who has had many adventures in this satanic matrix of the lie and is still battling on, trying to help others.
The writing of this memoir is bluntly rich and from the heart and is so easy to read I will finish it today. However, I will not review any more aspects of it, here, as it’s a slight book and I am hoping, that if The Saving of Dude sees print, those who have read this brief review will pick it up.
Here at the end of 2020, on 12/30, this reluctant researcher of American History has stumbled upon another human thread in the tapestry of mind control that remains Plantation America.
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