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To Mock the Quean
Notes on Surviving the Wytch-Finder Continuum with Lynn and Jeremy
© 2021 James LaFond
Lynn Lockhart
6:13 PM (2 hours ago)
A twitter poster from 2016 is facing 10 years in prison for mocking H!@#$%^ C!@#$%^. We are in full soviet mode.

I don't know what people are thinking when they jest about the Gorgon Quean and think it will come to naught. That bitch has a hundred and more bodies on her name, many of them cops and soldiers. Shieeee! Is yo stupit or what?
I would like to vet the readership right here on these matters of royal gravity, by tracing American kingship since 1988 in survivable and chronological majesty.
Oh Prince, know that in the years after the potion drank America and the rise of the sons of Nefarious, that there was an age which an acid-eating hippie once dreamed...
-1988-1992: Reign of King Shrub the Elder
-1992-2000: Reign of Slick Willy the Lecher
-2000-2008: Reign of King Shrub the Younger
-2008-2016: Reign of O-Sauron, AKA Sheik Frothy Latte
-2016: In this Year of Infamy the Gorgon Quean, AKA Hillarch Clit-on was deposed at her coronation by a vile actor, a Usurper!
-2016-2020: Orange Man, also known as the Trump of Boom, the Usurper, defiled the Masonic Throne
-2020: Saint Joseph who Abides, deposed the wicked tyrant with the aid of the Sorcerers of Addition.
-2021: Saint Joseph who Abides establishes the Regency of Reparation
-2023-2030: Saint Joseph who Abides, abdicates his kingship to make way for the ten-year rule of Quean Camel Who-Has-Us, known to her detractors as Caramel Queef

Take note, before reading Jeremy's report below, that we are being hunted by tender predators. Men, please know, that as an expression of the world's endless thirst to kill us, that its bitches will even fuck us to death, which was probably Delilah's plan, but Samson was too much of a stud to go out that way so she cut his hair and called the cops.

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