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Recommended Avoidance Reading
With Brian, The Man with a Known Name
New Blog/ Request for book recommendations
Brian Jewell
Wed, Jan 27, 9:16 PM (15 hours ago)
Here is the link to my latest blog. (I may actually keep up with my goal of one a week this year).
I am almost finished the first draft of Musings On Muggings and Other Violent Inconveniences. On chapter 26 now titled Musings On Muggings: An Essay on What To Do. It'll be the final chapter before the afterward. I know you recommended doing an entire book on the 702 Bridge and now I will more than likely do that as well at some point. But I was too inspired by my original idea. It was like I had to write it just to get it out of my system.
I want to put a recommended reading list in the chapter on what to do from your titles. Obviously, I have Thriving In Bad Places on the list.
What other books of yours would you recommend as a survival guide to avoiding/surviving muggings or violent encounters?

Thank you Brian.
As far as those books of mine most useful for avoidance:
-Thriving in Bad Places
-Waking Up in Indian Country
-The Boned Zone
-Don't Get Boned
For Context:
-40,000 Years from Home, which has all of my violent encounters categorized up to 2016
-Autumn in a Dying City [banned by amazon in print, but available on kindle and as Field Notes 1 in print] This details the last of the 20 attacks on me in 2017, which actually drove me to evacuate Harm City and might serve as a primer on when to move out.
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