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Recommended Avoidance Reading
With Brian, The Man with a Known Name
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New Blog/ Request for book recommendations
Brian Jewell
Wed, Jan 27, 9:16 PM (15 hours ago)
Here is the link to my latest blog. (I may actually keep up with my goal of one a week this year).
I am almost finished the first draft of Musings On Muggings and Other Violent Inconveniences. On chapter 26 now titled Musings On Muggings: An Essay on What To Do. It'll be the final chapter before the afterward. I know you recommended doing an entire book on the 702 Bridge and now I will more than likely do that as well at some point. But I was too inspired by my original idea. It was like I had to write it just to get it out of my system.
I want to put a recommended reading list in the chapter on what to do from your titles. Obviously, I have Thriving In Bad Places on the list.
What other books of yours would you recommend as a survival guide to avoiding/surviving muggings or violent encounters?

Thank you Brian.
As far as those books of mine most useful for avoidance:
-Thriving in Bad Places
-Waking Up in Indian Country
-The Boned Zone
-Don't Get Boned
For Context:
-40,000 Years from Home, which has all of my violent encounters categorized up to 2016
-Autumn in a Dying City [banned by amazon in print, but available on kindle and as Field Notes 1 in print] This details the last of the 20 attacks on me in 2017, which actually drove me to evacuate Harm City and might serve as a primer on when to move out.
Dream Eater
author's notebook
'Hold on Mr. LaFond, this One's Gonna be Weird'
the greatest lie ever sold
honor among men
the lesser angels of our nature
the first boxers
behind the sunset veil
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