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Fire and Vice
The Rude Crackpot and a Noble Аrуаn Discuss Health, Correspondence and Blog Posts
© 2021 James LaFond
Hi James...
I am glad to hear you have left Baltimore. And I want to let you know that I appreciate you. Being nocturnal as I am...I was up in the middle of the night and saw there was a podcast from Myth of the 20th Century and you being the guest. What a great talk. And thank you for the fiction book you sent me. I am saving it for summer if I get there...and if summer gets there too...
My name means Fire by the way. My name is Fire. Sending some your way.
I am an Аrуаn (Persian).
Merci for you generous mind.
Any of Medical Medium's knowledge will help you...
I haven't seen you comment back on blog comments, I figure you are busy living and writing. I pray you get this.
I appreciate your voice and your intelligence James.
I am currently reading The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
Merci for all of your in depth research and sharing your perspectives. I trust there may some more Hobo History videos when the time is right for you...and merci for the sci-fi book.
May your health fully return...

Thank you so much for your support, Fire.
I am in better health than this time last year when I was coughing up blood for three weeks.
Incognegro called me yesterday and said he is editing the White Trash episode of Hobo History, which is among 15 he has recorded. However, his hard drive crashed and he is tediously salvaging the video from that computer.
As for the comments section on the blog:
I wanted it taken down—never wanted it to begin with.
I know this is rude.
I like getting the comments for the most part and have even written books based on comments and questions. However, there are some things about it that have caused me to say I will never read another comment:
Having written over 220 books, I am wearing out and would like my last 20 or so books to be fiction, with history limited to ongoing projects. So outside inspiration can confuse me.
Most importantly, I have had comments placed on the back end by people who I think mean me and you ill, who advocate armed insurrection and genocide, in order, I suspect, to get the site shut down. I told the web master that I would no longer approve any comments, because of the headache of making sure comments do not contain any of the ever-increasing number of outlawed words. This was draining me, making sure that J!@ and B!@#$ were not present in a comment...
He refused to take down the comments section and has assigned himself the duty of policing the comments for “fed-posters.” It’s up to him, he does all the work for free and the last time we fought he beat the shit out of me, so bullying is no option—besides, he helped me up off the floor when he was done.
I will never read another comment on this site, the blogspot, the shadow site, patreon [1], facebook [1], youtube [1], which is rude, I know, but is an attempt to remain focused on my unfinished work.
As always, Sir, if you email me I will respond.
Have a fine day, Fire.

My computer no longer permits me to even view these three sites.
Myth of the 20th Century
crackpot podcasts
Ancient and Modern Combat Part 2
by this axe!
the greatest lie ever sold
honor among men
winter of a fighting life
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