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Sifu Brian on Boxing
A Look at an Iconic Boxing Book by Joyce Carol Oates
Brian Jewell
Tue, Feb 2, 11:05 AM (6 days ago)
Book Review: On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates
Most weekends my wife, Jennifer, and I will go on day trips to get away from our hometown for a while, sometimes with the intention of exploring other places we would like to live as soon as the op…
Here is the link to this week's blog. It's a shorter entry than usual. As I was reading On Boxing, I remembered seeing some books on Amazon that you wrote on the subject of boxing. Which ones would you recommend either as history or, if you have any, on technique and application? And is there any particular order in which you would recommend reading them?

Brian, I read the lady's book in the late 1990s on the #10 bus headed out to Dundalk one day. I enjoyed her view of boxing as a societal art form and her lyric touch to the rhythmic combat art I was still trying to master.
My boxing instructionals are:
The Punishing Art and Solo Boxing.
Meditations on boxing are found in American Fist.
The Greatest Boxer is my ranking of top fighters.
I have sections on boxing training in: Being a Bad Man in a Worse World, The Combat Space, Letters from Planet Meathead, The Fighting Edge and Winter of a Fighting Life, as well as the yet to be published On Combat.
Boxing History is covered in The First Boxers, The Gods of Boxing and All-Power-Fighting.
Most libraries should still have Nat Fleischer's large illustrated history of boxing which I highly recommend.
For American bare knuckle boxing checkout The Manly Art, author forgotten.
for the London Prize Ring the best source is Pierce Egan's three-volume Boxiana.
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