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Rebel Knell Cover
Notes to the Artist for the Cover of the Most Politically Incorrect Novel in History
© 2021 James LaFond
Captain and “HNC” of the NBA Marshal Anti-Communist Anti-Tank Company, Jesse Owens, dressed in NBA black, including a black beret, wearing a swastika armband, an iron cross pinned to his left lapel, straddles a T-34 C.
Jesse wears a string of 8 Commie ears around his neck, as men of the NBA Expeditionary Impi only collect the ears of enemy killed with the asagi. His iron cross was personally awarded by the Fuhrer in Berlin for heroism at the battle of Karkov and was driven with despair to avenge the loss of his men slain in the battle for the tractor works at Stalingrad while he was in Berlin.
Not to be outdone by “the runt with the stash,” General Patton personally awarded Jesse with his spare pearl-handled revolver and reminded him, “Son, you’re the best goddamned spear-chucker in all of the CSA!”
In this scene, Jesse has successfully rundown a retreating T-34C with a satchel charge, which he tossed underneath, blowing out a track and cooking the driver as the burning commander emerged from the turret to have the “Pride of the Confederacy” run that asagi through his neck.
In the background is Private Clyde Chestnut Barrow, grinning wide, with an MP40 submachinegun [he would like a BAR but the Krauts control the ammo so he’s stuck] executing a surrendering Soviet commissar with a belly blast.
Clyde’s CSA Marine uniform is a grey Zouave outfit, with light shoes and canvas gators, flared shin-length pants, grey shirt and jacket, a grey fez with neck coif and red tassel, and a grey cloak, with a cutlass on the hip and a crossed pistols tattoo low on the forehead between the eyes.
For the scene topography, use the WWII Soviet propaganda film where the encircling Soviet forces close the noose around Army Group South in 1943, only this is autumn of 42 with the Soviets bugging out during an encirclement closed by Patton’s command.
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