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Ice Age Agriculture
Shrew World Order Update from Ice Age Farmer
© 2021 James LaFond
Tracking produce
Fri, Feb 12, 9:51 AM (3 days ago)
Building the Beast System: FDA wants GPS on crops - Spinach sends email - Cow registration mandates
By Ice Age Farmer

Good morning James
Thanks again for the book. I think you might find this interesting because of your time managing grocery stores.
My guess is that this would eliminate most small and medium size privately owned farms and probably outlaw farmers markets. I believe this is something you have predicted.
Take care
-Electric Dan

Dan, it is amazing to me, as ice storms howl across 70% of the Lower 48 and the Mid-Atlantic is in its 3rd year of unseasonable rainfall and lower than normal temperatures, that most American Meat-Puppets still worship at the Altar of Man, Destroyer of Worlds and believe in anthropogenic global warming. The mantra has gradually switched to manmade climate change in order to gain advance compliance for the Great Human Cull. The Dread Minus shamdemic was an excellent acid test for American herd immunity to reality. So, as the mind cattle mew in their stalls they will welcome with bleating glee any centrally-planned controls on their behavior which promise increased safety and government benevolence.
How stupid is the American Mind Cow?
I had to self-edit above and use government instead of state, in case this article gets wider currency. You see, most Americans do not understand the concept of The State, and can conceive of a state only as geographic location in the only free nation on earth.
I like Christian's work here. Thank you for giving me this link.
The model of civilization is and never has been anything other than domesticating people and tax-farming them.
Technology and infrastructure development has reached a point that mass industrial work forces are no longer needed.
On top of that, North American agriculture production should drop steadily over the century as the continent cools.
Recall that in 2020 world grain reserves dropped by 10%.
If this continues, the basis for the civilized diet, the grain crop, which is the most sensitive to decreased temperatures and increased rainfall, may fail by 2030.
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Sam J.     Feb 18, 2021

I don't wish people to lose all hope. A caveat, just because the things I'm going to list can happen doesn't mean it will or will not be stopped "but" like all technology it will be damn difficult over time to do so as most of it can be done in garages and once the formula or process is worked out people trying to profit will be hard to stop. I know it seems like the Oligarchs are in control of everything but I suspect they are at their peak or have gone over it and the present situation is more a sign of desperation than control. If they had total control they would not have had to come out of the dark as they have.

The future can be very bright and comfortable for humans. There is massive amounts of energy pouring down on us for free every day. The Sun puts out enough energy on earth to have one hours worth of sunlight equal to 120 TRILLION 60 watt light bulbs to shine for 24 hours!

Of course we need to catch and save this and both are moving along at great speed. There's a new type solar cell that is super cheap and can be printed. They've been working on this and have recently got to commercial stage. There's a plant being built right now that will start this year. It uses combined Perovskite with regular solar cells to reach around 44% of the light falling on it into electricity.

Solar cell cost have dramatically lowered constantly and there seems to be no let up in this trend especially since newer cells like the one mentioned are now coming on line.

Batteries are also lowering cost dramatically. There's several research programs that have found ways to make cheap long lasting batteries that while big and not much use for cars are super good for houses and they are cheap. Here's just one. There's a mass of these.

Another is carbon based batteries. This guy has been making all sorts of these for just about anything made of carbon, hemp, used tires, all sorts of stuff. He even made a scooter battery and drove it around. He sold some graphene battery tech to Edison company but is still working on cheap carbon. He has a ton of videos on how to make some parts of this stuff if you look it up.
Sam J.     Feb 18, 2021

The guy who invented the modern lithium-ion battery that they are using in cars and everything else has some new sort of solid state battery that can be made out of glass and sodium or potassium or lithium. Very, very cheap. He's a bit cagey about how he does it and people say they don't understand how it works but this guy is not a nobody and is working on these now. He has patents already.

Food photosynthesis is a piss poor way to use sunlight. It's only about 2% or so efficient in plants and to make meat you have to use a mass of plants. There's a better way. People have used solar power, remember we now have 44% efficient cells, to directly make sugar to feed bacteria and yeast colonies that grow at a ferocious rate and use the same tech as making beer. The efficiency would be maybe a thousand times better than regular farmland typical method of making meat. Now you might say bacteria and yeast are not meat but...they can be. We have mapped out what yeast and bacteria genes are needed for them to survive and grow. Now all we need to do is use the newer genetic engineering, CRISPER, to insert the genes for meat. Say muscle cells and fat cells and we could grow the best steak you've ever tasted in vats. These could be grown in greenhouses in the worst areas possible where nothing grows and since that's where the Sun is strongest it would be the best place.

All the stuff I've mentioned is either a done deal or requiring engineering. Not inventing that's been done it's only a matter of engineering it. It will be almost impossible to stop this.

All these technologies and the ones you mentioned about distributed information will severely cut into the Oligarchs control. It will be just like the "servants" you've mentioned running from the plantation into the wilderness except there will be no wild Indians to kill them. Nothing will stop this. It's too empowering.

All the people saying that the world is overrun and doesn't have enough resources are full of shit, stupid or big liars. They only want to keep everyone on the plantation. If we spent half of what we gave farmers to produce ethanol to screw up our gasoline supply on research and production of these type technologies it wouldn't be many years before all of these would common. Even with them fucking us around it will coming anyways because there's too damn much money to be made as they try to monopolize supply. I bet Gates over time, say 20 years, will lose his ass if he continues thinking he can monopolize the food supply. Already people have been making plant based meat substitutes that have added protein in meat that contains iron and makes blood red, leghemoglobin, that makes it taste just like meat and the whole cell people are rapidly gaining in knowing how to grow fill meat cells.
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