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Apathy Yore 2041
Backstory for Beyond Rainbow Bridge
© 2021 James LaFond
The following is a transcript prepared by a citizen journalist after reviewing video of a leading Steerage Cult High Priest briefing a Creep State Agency team. International news agencies have assured readers that the man in the video is not who he appears to be, without disputing the content of the briefing. But, what if this meeting really took place in 2005, and the shamdemic of 2020 was really a tool to convince humans to get vaϲϲinated for a mildly uncommon chest cold that had been played up to be more lethal than the Black Death of 13347-51, with the same level of social and economic dislocation achieved in in the same two year span that toppled medieval Christendom and ushered in modernity?
With the human mind rendered so desolate by ease, plenty and sloth, that a chest cold that results in no rise in overall deaths bring the most powerful nation to its knees, could it be that a vaϲϲine intended to further domesticate humans and make them less fervent in their beliefs, have consequences unforeseen by its creator.
Might infotech tycoon Brill Yates be creating a psychological golem of collectively titanic proportions whose ultimate actions become unmanageable?
Beyond Rainbow Bridge is a novel about my old friend Rick, set in 2041 long after I leave him here on this goddamned planet alone amongst the teeming insane.
Date 4-13-05, lower left corner of screen
DOD ID: 149AZ2, bottom middle of screen
Loc: Pent Rm BC 232, left top of screen
Brill Yates is giving a PowerPoint presentation in what appears to be a Small lecture hall, to five people scattered around.
Brill displays a graph and says, “On the left over here we have individuals who are religious fundamentalists, religious fanatics, and this is the expression of rtpcr, real time pcr of the VMAT2 gene.
“Over here we have individuals who are not particularly religious and you can see we have a much reduced expression of this particular gene the VMAT2, evidence that supports our hypothesis for this particular approach.”
Audience member speaks: “What you’re getting at is by spreading this virus we are going to eliminate individuals from going on a bomb fest and going into a market and blowing up the market?”
Yates: “So our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people, have an over-expression of the VMAT2 gene and that by vaϲϲinating them against this we will eliminate this behavior.”
Yates: “The virus [as delivered in the vaϲϲine] would immunize against the VMAT2 gene and that would have the effect that you see here, it would turn a fanatic into a normal person.”
Audience member: “How would you suggest this is going to be distributed, as an aerosol?”
Yates: “The present plan and tests that we have done use respiratory viruses, such as flu, or rhinoviruses, and we believe that that’s a satisfactory way to get exposure to the largest part of the population. Most of us, of course, have been exposed to both of those viruses. And we are quite confident that this will be a very successful approach.”
Audience: “What’s the name of this project?”
Yates: “The name of this project is Funvaxx , the vaϲϲine for religious fundamentalism.”
That the real or contrived meeting of the Infotech tycoon, Brill Yates and five Creep State Ring Wraiths, actually occurred, and was planned for 2024, but was put into action in 2020, with predictable as well as unforeseen consequences severely warping the human psychology of Postmodern America, is the basis for the following story.
This "debunking" article has the vids.
The fact that you tube deleted the video and that it is the subject pf a corporate media fact check makes me think it is a real video. It does not matter if Brill Yates gave the presentation.
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