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'A Small Sacrifice'
A New Reader Asks about Waking Up Behind the Wheel in Indian Country
[The crackpot's answers are in brackets. I apologize in advance for being a jerk here—but I am what God made me.]
Dear Lynn,
Greetings and salutations! I hope this message finds you well. I recently found the writings of James LaFond and liking what I found, decided to donate via PayPal under the email address [redacted]. Do tell me if you received the transaction.
Now that I have offered a small sacrifice, I hope that you can bend James' ear and forward him my concerns.
I have been asleep at the wheel my entire adult life. But the events during 2020 jarred me from my slumber. I am now closer to believing that violence is real and that it can happen to me too.
[You were a trusting member of Civilization, which is a matrix designed to cultivate trust in its subjects so that they can be easily betrayed.]
I must prepare for it. Here's what I have done so far, which is not much:
Implemented some home security measures
[The best thing you can do is improve home security. Unless you are a person of heavenly hue, the only possible location where you could successfully defend against an attack and not end up thrown into a cage with a bunch of criminals, is your home.]
Purchased a snub nose revolver
[I would advise against this and return it. You are now on a list.]
Applied for a concealed handgun license
[I would advise against this and withdraw your application. You are now on two lists.]
Attended two firearms education classes
[You are now on three lists. All of these three acts will be used as your intent to do harm to your innocent attacker, who was just knocking on your door for directions, not kicking it in like you claimed. Now, I do recommend taking such a course, but not registering, just paying cash for a private.]
Devoured countless books by Massad Ayoob and his predecessors/contemporaries
[Ayoob totally knows the theory of law involving use of force, and presented this in the context of an America that has ceased to exist in Baltimore as of 2015 and everywhere as of 2020. The right to self defense, particularly with a firearm, is a dangerous fiction, behind which even police officers on duty have not been able to successfully find cover consistently. Ayoob's work only applies to palefaces in uniform, or who are law officers, or who live in political red zones policed by a sheriff rather than cops. Only use a firearm for self-defense in your home, in the deepest recess, and in the presence of a sympathetic witness. otherwise, the gun should mostly be used to prevent yourself from being gang-raped in prison by committing suicide by PIG.]
But it's not enough at all. Next steps:
Simulator training for handguns
[Sir, if you use a handgun to defend against any person who is not a rural, pick-up truck driving paleface, your life will end as the object of government discipline.]
Purchasing Paul Vanuk DVD's and sparring with partner
[Good escrima and JKD instructor.]
Dry fire training
[You might as well practice with the damned thing if you have it.]
But I need something more. What should I do? I know I also need to learn how to fight unarmed and I need some experience learnings techniques, being uncomfortable, being hurt, etc.
[Sell the gun back to the store at a loss if necessary, withdraw your concealed carry application. Eventually your town, and I know your town, will require you to turn this gun in anyhow. You are no longer a resident of Ayoob's First World Lawtopia, but of LaFond's Third World Screwtopia. ]
What is the advice you give to guys like me, greenhorns? And members of the Jewish race who have instinctual (I'm learning) revulsion towards gore and pain. I think I have to foster a combat mindset.
[The first thing is to look at what you have going for you. The only thing you have going for you is the fact that you are a member of the only racial group generally recognized by media and academia as having been persecuted. So when attacked, and especially if you successfully defend yourself, you must play the race card and declare yourself non-white as loudly as possible. The other thing you have going for you, is that although your city is 20-times more violent than it was this time last year, it is still 20-times less violent than Baltimore. It is not as bad as you think.]
While I came from a violent home I don't have the experience of committing violent acts on others in my youth and young adult years. I did do karate as a kid for a few years, that's it.
[While walking the streets of your city, I have noted that warriors of the newly elevated nightly [no typo] class, routinely threaten and attack all palefaces except for me and my friend, who is a big scary, piece of white trash. Your apparent race makes you a target in your town and the nightly class also hate your crypto-race too, so reminding them that your people were famously exterminated in the 1940s will not help you. You need to learn how to be confident and use predator body language, by retraining your self to be a predatory thinker, by framing yourself as the hunted enemy of all the world, which you are. This world will succeed in killing both you and me—Earth being 100% successful at killing humans. You are just postponing it. Internalize the predation mindset to the best of your ability.]
I'm at a point in my life where I can commit some time each day towards competency. I'm in my late thirties; I get it that improvement takes time and working towards the promise of improvement is the reward itself. I'm not into quick fixes but I need a roadmap.
[Go to the Lancaster Agonistics YouTube channel and check out some of the training videos. You need to physically know how to use everyday items not classed as weapons, for self-defense. As a back up, you need to learn how to avoid being punched and grabbed and clubbed and stabbed. Also check out the Modern Agonistics tag and video feed on this site below.]
When it comes to the personal violence and self-defense, with what writings of yours should I start? What can I start doing today?
[Avoidance reading and practice can begin now. I sent you When You're Food, Winter of A Fighting Life and 40,000 Years from Home. I would also recommend: Waking Up in Indian Country, The Fighting Edge, The Logic of Steel, The Logic of Force, Wardrums: Forty Miles from the Big House, The Combat Space, Being a Bad Man in a Worse World, and Predation, most of which can be found in our e-book store on this site.]
I live in [redacted shithole city] now though raised in The Swamp, Northern Virginia. I believe our gyms/dojos are still closed. So I will have to train with willing friends and access training through books/e-media.
[A friend to train with is better than going to a school or gym.]
That's probably enough for now. I'm sure you get these emails daily.
[I consider it my duty to answer emails on combat preparedness as soon as possible.]
Thanks for listening.
Warm Regards,
Jason the Argonaut

Jason, thanks for your interest and understand that learning the following elements will increase your survivability and peace-of-mind a great deal. All of these are interdependent and are listed according to priority:
-contact mobility
-combat ability
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SidVicFeb 21, 2021

I think James is a bit too hard on guns. The only benifit of anarcho-tyranny is the anarcho part. If you have to shoot someone just haul ass and get rid of gun asap. Go to a gun show; guys will be walking around with guns that they want to sell. Buy from them with cash (gunshow loophole). no paper trail. Laws and customs vary state to state so familiarize yourself with laws of every state that you carry or buy in. Take a vacation to dollywood and get a gun in Tn while you there (good gun culture). I go to old strip mines and quarrys to shoot. Farms and gun ranges are good too. practice enough that it is second nature to chamber round and take off safety. I've drawn up on a grouse and missed it because i forgot the safety. Handeling gun is really no big deal. Just follow rule that it is never pionted at something that you care if it gets shot. This was drilled into me in childhood. To this day i couldn't force myself to piont a gun at a child even if i checked 10 times to make sure it was unloaded. That said i've shot a hole in my jacket pocket by accident and had a accidental discharge while hunting once.
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