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Is the 13th Tribe project going to be a book?
Fire Is Interested in the Trajectory if Plantation America
Is the 13th Tribe project going to be a book?

Fire, I believe I have been working on The 13th Tribe for four years now. I hope to finish the text by the end of this year 2021. However, it may not fit in 700 pages.
I have dropped the Paleface project on European Americans becoming tribal members of First Nations. What of that information I must cover to make sense of Plantation America, is in a paleface section of each book.
This last year, 2020, I had to take American Spartacus, and break it into three parts:
-Advent America [600-plus pages]
-Search for an American Spartacus [700-plus pages]
-Ye Scum of The Country, in the early stages still after four years.
The 13th Tribe is about those plantations founded as religious sanctuaries and those which were not, from New York to New England.
The final portion of the project will be covering Pennsylvania, the key state for the understanding of the Plantation Experience and the state that is intentionally not considered by academics, who prefer the New England-Virginia Polarity model of American Foundationalism.
The Patreon posts over the past two years have been primarily posts that will appear in The 13th Tribe, such as Cotton Mather's a Good Master Well Served, a Christian scholarship case for slavery as the foundation of morality and civic decency.
The works of Increase and Cotton Mather and Thomas White figure heavily in this. To complete the book I need to finish annotating and rereading:
-Wonders of the Invisible World
-The Journal of Sarah Kremble Knight
-The Planters Plea
-The life of a certain, slave-indian-general named Stark
Aside from Ye Scum of the Country and the 13th Tribe. I hope to wrap up the project with a look at Pennsylvania and a review of the previous findings in The Vile Root: The Curse of Plantation America.
Thanks for your support and interest, Fire.
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Sam J.Mar 19, 2021

I was reading this post

where various sci-fi books being read were discussed. Since I have read an ungodly amount of sci-fi I feel qualified to recommend this series of sci-fi books. I think these would also entertaining to the type person that would read James blog. This is really great stuff. Mostly revolving around a horrible planet "Haven" settled by a religious group then having masses of races dumped on top of them of all sort of malicious types then invaded by genetically engineered and cyborg future Americans who just lost the war with the Empire.

A further series of equal,(or greater), value that mixes a few true stories with sci-fi is the "There Will Be War" series. With such lovely titles like "After Armageddon (There Will be War Vol. IX)".

I first found these outside a Army base at a used paperback book store and ended scrounging around to get as many as I could find. They're fantastic.
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