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'Creativity has its Madnesses...'
Fire Wonders about The Compelled Writing Experience
The email exchange:
Cool that the comments rotate at the top of your website now and are linked to articles...
Bravo to whoever thought of that...
Good nite and merci again for the more than expansive explanation...

I don't like the comments—very distracting.
Glad you like it.
I will stop going to the front end of the site as soon as I can figure out how to change my home page.

I understand how it is distracting for you, the writer and ther one who has to tend to them or used to in some way....for clarity...for me as a reader...
the comment itself is less important than the fact that it is linked to a writing in the archive I may not have found otherwise...
I wonder what the mind of a true writer must be like. Real writers being compelled and all...
Creativity has its madnesses...
I say this in an effort to again try and express my appreciation for your intelligence.

Post Address
Fire, I am honored that you value these writings and that the hard work of the webmaster finds favor with you.
I have written much based on comments on the site and will never do so again. I am trying to finish two overwhelming history projects and a slate of about 20 short novels. So I limit correspondence now to Monday dialogues with readers.
I am a very selfish writer.
Inwardly I only write to stave off insanity for the space of another day.
Outwardly I become obsessed with unfinished work in order to put the squabbling ghosts in my mind to sleep. Non-fiction writing is primarily an attempt to forget thoughts still rattling in my brain. Fiction writing is pure therapy, which unfortunately builds a body of ideas hard to forget and crowds the ailing brain more.
I am driven to write by pitiless demons who ride my back like so many circus monkeys.
Hopefully something I write this year is worthwhile to read.
Thanks for your patience.
My next attempt to preserve sanity will be to never go to this website again other than through the back end.
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