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‘Cocked in Those Days’
Captain John Smith Parses the Crackpot’s Managed Decline
[Crackpot comments in Brackets.]
Hey James
Thu, Feb 18, 9:01 AM (4 days ago)
Thanks for the PDF. I'm working my way through the Harm City books.
Currently on 'Welcome to Harm City, White Boy.' Dateline Nov 2015. You were cocked in those days but the vibe change after the Purge must of been intoxicating to your writer self. Understandable.
[Readership of Harm city material roughly tripled at that time as a base, and in some cases got picked up as anti-news. the purge in 2015 taught me the one final lesson I needed to learn to understand that the News was not just shallow and poorly done reporting, but insightfully, brutally-duplicitous information management for the farming, driving and slaughter of the witless mind-cattle that are Americans.]
I started Darkly. Great stuff but I can only read 3 or 4 stories before I have to set it down. Good title to book.
[Agents still call me about that book. It has sold about 1 copy a year for six years. If you like Organa as written in that anthology, email me and I'll send you the 2016 expanded version. As a science-fiction writer, I appreciate both kinds of reader, the one that keeps gobbling the stories and the one that ahs to set it down and take a break from alternative possibilities of life considered.]
Strange how I can relate to Harm City and in a way "enjoy" reading about all the shit. I do have to take a break after finishing a Harm City but reading your fiction gets unsettling a lot faster.
[That is a great compliment—Captain Smith. Thank you.]
The imagination is a powerful thing when a child and also when your big head finally controls the little head.
[I have been blessed with the good fortune to be able to sue the imagination which damned me as a child to a lost corner, as a tiny contemplative reserve for some few folks unmet in life that might find some time to wander book in hand along some alternatively weird way.]
Life is...

[...bashfully fascinating I would venture to say.]
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