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‘Artificial Scarcity’
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
© 2021 James LaFond
Ok, I'm here in the kitchen getting good and fucked up, and wishing you were here to make me feel smarter, but something just occurred to me after I ate these mushrooms.
Law enforcement is an essential function of the state, the debt dealers rely upon it to have the ability to do business. The man with the gun is why I don't just go to the Chevy dealership and sign a paper that I wipe my ass with 5 minutes later.
I PREDICT that the almost complete absence of law enforcement in my town, and others is merely a trick, an artificial scarcity if you will, to discredit any meaningful criticism of cops with the distraction of bullshit BLM/defund the police/bail reform nonsense, which does nothing but sow discontent among the conflicted middle class while encouraging person on person crimes.
The reactionary pendulum will swing hard the other way, erasing ALL meaningful law enforcement reforms we've already achieved, and ultimately.....wait for this Tyrone...
The police state envisioned by late 90's conspiracy theorists will soon come to pass. Except, instead of the Jack boot thugs we imagined back then, it's gonna be pissed off people of color.
I am extremely confident in this assessment and am willing to stake my reputation on it.
Anonymous Author, and Crackpot Safe House Host

Sir, now a state away, reviewing your email while, Mi Hu pours me more Hennessey, I must say that you and I had a very stimulating conversation a few moments after you sent me this email and a “wake up, old man in the garage” text on the Obamma Flip Phone. Then, as I well recall as I drank a pot of coffee and you imbibed otherwise, it did not take much to convince me of the above assertion.
The fact that your city had almost no violent crime and one of the only non-corrupt minimal-use-of-force police departments in America, and has been under attack from politicians and street theater operatives for 11 months now, argues for the “defund the PIGs” mantra to be a method to induce artificial scarcity so that massive, federal and state level policing will be accepted and even begged for by the sloe-eyed subhuman cattle of Murica. I noticed, as you drove me to the train station, that there is much new construction in the very city center that has been targeted for street theater. Within five years, when the Quean ascends the Potomac Throne, I expect to see some cities that have been targeted by media, political and street theater activity, to become showcases for mass federal law enforcement gentrification initiatives. It is no accident that Seattle, Portland and Manhattan, have been targeted. In the meantime, shitholes like Killadelphia and Bodymore and Bleedtroit, will stand as examples of what a lack of massive federal policing gets you.
Lookout for race-based smartphone law enforcement apps, in which every Person of Color will be deputized by social media platforms to call in SWAT teams to eradicate your pale ass.
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