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Goon Down!
Two Small Wrestlers Drum Two Large Football Players
© 2021 James LaFond
Lovely bar fight where two smaller wrestlers defeat football goons

Dear Editorial Angel of the Bored, I watched that video four times and cheered on the little guys as they beat the piss out of the two big goons.
Below are some combat cues:
-1. The big goon in front can’t fight, as demonstrated by his raised chin while getting aggressive,
-2. Both goons can be easily clinched or hit hard, as indicated by their slow hand push behavior, showing a propensity to poor leverage anchoring.
-3. The lead small guy, quite a specimen by his wide head and jaw, looks left, which is a good fake, as when he turns his head to the left, his antagonist—being a stupid goon—will expect his head to turn back right and will lag in picking up the inward slap of the left hand.
-4. The left slap is an indexing move, which means that the slapper knows where the target is and could hit it with his eyes closed by just bringing is right hand to the near right of his left hand.
This fight was beautiful, with fecal matter, floor filth and urine serving as a nice justice glaze for the much deserved takedowns by the little men. The two versions of ground and pound used by the insulted small men should be noted, with the head against the wall and driving pronated shovel punch of the secondary defender on the denim-clad douche secondary attacker calibrated to crack face bones and concuss.
A perfect ending to this would have been double-heeled jump stomping of the ankles to shatter them, and then taking the shoes from the downed foes and beating them bloody, then washing the faces off with piss.
I have always had a visceral hate for football players who are also bullies.
Right now, I’d like to say, that the only way American manhood could redeem itself in my eyes, would be if the victors in such affairs begin to live-scalp their foes. This tranny nation is so suffused in faɡɡotry that only the return of scalping can redeem it.
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Don Quotays     Mar 8, 2021

Before scalping returns, we have to get guys back to carrying knives. Roughly 2 generations now have been conditioned out of knives as personal tools, much less as weapons.

But the idea does have appeal.
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