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Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
-Electric Dan

Dan, in the reading of this article, I was reminded that Fox News in Baltimore, has long been the lead media node against government schooling in Baltimore and have uncovered numerous crimes against orphan humanity.
Some facts from Baltimore Schools past might serve as context:
-While I’m uneducated and dropped out in the 9th Grade, and had been unable to read until 5th grade, I discovered, while working in Baltimore over some 38 years with some 500 employees and employers, that over half of Baltimore City High School graduates were functionally illiterate, that most college graduates had never read a book after graduating and that school teachers were generally about a smart as ghetto cashiers—but gave better blowjobs.
-Circa 1990, while many schools had text-books from the 1960s and 70s or had none at all, an entire warehouse of never-distributed pallets of books were discovered by Mayor Kurt Schmoke.
-1990s, 150 administrators, making 6-figures, lounged and did nothing at a central building on North Avenue.
-2015, students at Frederick Douglas high School successfully defeated the BPD in open combat.
-2016, five Baltimore Schools had a student body that had no parents, with only half having a single grandparent.
-2017, a teacher was paid by Baltimore City to not teach in Baltimore, while she was being paid by a Middle Eastern Oil Nation to teach there.
-2018, 4 Baltimore City school teachers were assaulted every week by students.
-2019, a Baltimore City school teacher who I interviewed was told that she would be fired if she called the police or even the school police officer, the next time she was beaten by a student, as her race made her deserving of the beating and the race of the students exempted them from law enforcement activity.
-15% of BC students read at grade level. 11% did math at grade level.
We are told that schools are a public service. But the only result of government schooling has ever been:
-the inability to perceive or process reality among successful students
-violence and hatred among unsuccessful students
These two public school outcomes are perfectly calibrated to serve Government Mechanisms of Social Control by creating a violent mob among the lower class and a hysterically delusional leadership class.
My conclusion is that schools are effective indoctrination centers for mass mind control and coercive civic action.
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