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Human Livestock Eugenics
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
Below Teutonic Fist Enjoys the Plight of American Long Pork as the Grey God Rises
Also, below see a link from William Rapier, author of Nordic Survival
I will limit my commentary to posting that any person who still believes that government systems are meant to serve human welfare deserves what is coming.
Also, from our Israeli Prepper, Baruch:
Like primitive technology but a little less primitive.

You know during the Texas Snowstorm i found so many stupid reddit and twitter posts about what people are realy concerned about and it was all luxury bugman bullshit like "instead of a mixer i have to use a power drill to fix a smoothie" and "i had to hook up my laptop to my car battery so that i could play games" and "i used my F-150 Truck Generator to power all my electronic dildos including a refrigerator to keep the beer cold".
The grid is fucked, you don't know when it comes back on, but the priority is to keep their already sickening normality going.
And then there were the people who took pictures of the food they had "to throw away food" cause their fridge wasn't running for five days during a cold storm. And on top of that they made these stupid, snobbiy, virtue signaling remarks about how "oh they can throw away food but think of the pepo during covid who have no income".
Also i read some realy stupid newspaper articles about how they had to drop hot water on wind turbines to defrost them, which is ofcourse a stupid claim and it was mostly foreign press doing dumb hear say.
My point is, The apocalypse can't come fast enough simpy that it would kill of at least these unbelievable dumb, pathetic, outright disgustingly stupid and useless walking sacks of shit when after five days the grid doesn't come back on and some blue checkmark twitter cunt can't drive her electric car to any supermarket that hasn't open anyway and so she has to go back to the garbage can where she just threw all the still perfectly fit for consumption food from her fridge in and then she has to get in fights with coyotes and a bear and they tear her apart and then the bear and the coyotes fight over the corpse and then all the animals go insane because modern americans are so overloaded with psychopharmaka and drugs and so on and then the pink haired coyote lobbies for mixing with pitbulls because without pitbulls the coyotes will not survive while the bear chops his testies off and identifies as a she-bear from now on.
Here is some advice what happens when the fridge and the freezer go on the fritz, just to show off that i know stuff and acknowledge that people who already know better don't need it anyway.
• Salt all the meats that are about to thaw off, so have large amounts of salt instock
• pickle the veggies that are about to go bad, so have large amounts of salts and spare jars
• if you manage to keep a fire in an oven going like an outside garden grill you could make preserves
• alternativly just put all the veggies in alcohol brine for which cheap white wine works
• Meats can be stored in cheap red wine for weeks
• People who work alot with food like going hunting or having a bigger garden also have canning equitment around sometimes
• or how to warm up a house by heating up bricks outside on a fire and then bring them in, use them to heat up a sleeping back and not die of carbon monoxide poisoning like an idiot
• and don't live in a fucking suburb where the roads are six miles long to the next cornoer between the ugly, cheap MacMansions where all the pipes bust cause all your supposed riches are plastic garbage
Anyway these are all these ideas somebody like me would have and who are not exactly forgotten but totaly unnecessary in this big, fat, stupid country where you can post how fat and stupid you are on social media and you get likes and sympathie for it and people who are just as fat and stupid as you are will congratulate you for how smart you are putting that fridge on that big truck battery while out in the snow. Why bother with salt like some medieval peasant when i can watch onlyfans content instead and pur powerdrill smoothies in my fat fucking throat. But think of the poor and god bless and thoughts and prayers and be safe xoxoxo you fat disgusting two legged pigs.
Since the fake pandemic is such a bummer and they still don't pile the bodies like cordwood the weather extremes hitting an overburdend and overaged electrical grid are my next best go since i would never advocate for people driving around the countrysides, looking for transformer stations, so that they could shoot them up and cause blackouts due to the lose of thess extremly hard to replace hardware parts.

You know, I just posted a link to a video where two big bullies were beaten by two small guys and the small men are being sued. That has been the only outcome of real justice I have ever known in my life. The bad guys are always rescued and avenged by the LAW. For this reason, I think that the bleak picture you paint is one of joy, that paints a grin across my face. A nation of bullies, PIGs, CEOs, media drones and lawyers like America deserves to have all of its technology to fail and then be invaded by Genghis Khan’s Mongol Hordes.
Thanks for the accurate assessment of my comedic habitat.
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Eald WealdMar 11, 2021

Dayum James,

The whole article was on point but this line,

"A nation of bullies, PIGs, CEOs, media drones and lawyers like America deserves to have all of its technology to fail and then be invaded by Genghis Khan’s Mongol Hordes."

Pretty much takes the cake.

Keep on keepin' on.

Don QuotaysMar 8, 2021

No invasion nessecary.

Between hunger an loss of meds (recreational or otherwise), we have a built in zombie horde in waiting.
JMar 8, 2021

"Blue checkmark twitter cunt" has now entered my lexicon as a perfect catch all description of some locals here.

Thanks for making me laugh so much that my kid had to ask from another room if I was OK.
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