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Messages to the Crackpot
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
This email was sent by the JL website. The webmaster/moderator wants you to see:
Comment by Brent
Hey Lynn, if James ever makes it to Europe there's somewhere for him to stay in SW France.

Brent, I found this email in my inbox, forwarded by internet caretaker. I am grateful and flattered that you would tolerate my presence in your home. Having been a loser in Man’s social construct for most of my life, trapped by familial commitments in a city that tried to kill me, where it was Law’s decree that I go forever unarmed about my work, I have converted to something of a Sikh ethos. I now work for myself and wake every morning dreaming about death-by-cop, my preferred exit from this sick planet. The reason why I will not be travelling beyond the borders of this penitentiary nation, is that I would have to disarm to board a plane. I refuse to go anywhere without a knife—my ticket to bliss.
Thank you so much. But I am spiraling into fractionally autonomous madness…

This email was sent by the JL website. The webmaster/moderator wants you to see:
Comment by Michael Collins
I am really happy you started podcasting again. Will you continue with the Hobo History youtube channel? Take care!

Michael, thank you, and I mean to begin our Monday dialogues from your autobiographical manuscript on Monday, March 15.
Incognegro, the producer of Hobo History, is laboriously reconstructing the sound from the 16 videos that were on his computer when the hard drive crashed. He plans on coordinating with Mister Grey and myself in visiting historic sites in Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio and wants to release a video every week by the halfway point of this year.
I have promised the Myth 20 guys that I will do a podcast with them once or twice a year. I have agreed to podcast with Rusty and Richard on the condition that they do not prep me on the subject, but spring it on me at the beginning of the call. If I know I’m going to be discussing a subject, I will be moved to write about it, and although this has resulted in such books as Barbarism versus Civilization and Blue-Eyed Daughter of Zeus, I am trying to scale back my writing output to two books a month, mostly fiction, so am avoiding additional inspiration when possible.
Take care, Brent and Michael and may the curses of God find your enemies and His blessings buoy your spirits.
-James, 3/5/21, Oakland, California
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