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'Faith in Humanity'
Marius Cues the Crackpot on Tin Foil Hat Style Choices
© 2021 James LaFond
[Some crackpot comments in brackets.]
Cognitive dissonance
5:53 AM (4 hours ago)
Hi James,
Just a quick question: why are so people afraid to look into the dark?
Whenever I discuss the only plague to affect humanity with people, almost all of them balk at the idea some humans could release a germ weapon onto the masses.
They tell me they “have faith in humanity”, “don’t want to believe the rulers would do that” or “don’t want to see the world in such a grim light”
I can empathise to a certain extent, but when the evidence and more importantly the logic points to this being deliberate, how can you lie to yourself?
I tend to keep my remarks to myself more, but around close ones I am free in my opinions (and this doesn’t make anyone happier - perhaps I get a kick out of destroying illusions?) and do not post anything online.
I like to make cynical remarks to strangers to undermine their confidence but usually I end up looking like the tin foil hat kook, so what is the point.
The final barrier I reach, if my reasoning is soundly explained (does one really believe the military just stopped making germ weapons??), is that they would rather not live than see the world how I do.
How can people be such sponges?
How does that not fuel their desire to fight their own extermination?
I guess it comes down to their domestication and that they would rather live in blissful ignorance than face cruel reality.
I’ve probably answered my own question here, and you’ve written about it numerous times. Perhaps you can help me put to bed, this need to convince others to wake up.
As far as the situation is concerned, I am gaming there’s scenarios:
1) The system radically changes - the monetary system is on the verge of a planned collapse (look up gregary mannarino on YouTube for this) and the inoculation is a tremendous failure, leading to a reinvention of our world into a decentralised high tech golden age as the climate worsens. It will still be rough but I believe this is the best to hope for.
[It is a financial success and wills serve as a vast clinic for hopeful immortality drugs.]
2) the system reinvents itself into something more heinous. Your recent articles with banjo are on point
[A better monster is now yawning in Mother's hideous womb.]
3) the system collapses completely and it’s a free fall like the end of western rome. This I see as a possibility if 2) occurs as the system breaks down under its own weight 5-10 years or later.
[I see this coming to pass along with 2 and being a most probably long process, like the fall of Rome. As such, our field of lies and delusion and cruel manipulation will one day be venerated by shapers of a future civilization like Machavelli and Napoleon esteemed Rome.]
Curious to hear your thoughts

You largely did answer your own questions here, Marius.
But, as the resident crackpot, it is my job to be a bigger prick than you!
You have a tin foil hat, eh?
Hark and marvel at my aluminum foil sombrero!
According to my view "faith in humanity" which stands against all historical evidence, is the final corruption of Christianity into secular ethics, by which hope for salvation in the hereafter has become hope for a return to Eden, of a Utopian paradise on earth just over the political horizon. Paradise is just to the west of those dope fiends, drug dealers, corrupt cops, murdering creep state agents, fat cat billionaires, infotech demi-urge moguls and the burgeoning homeless camps I saw all the way across the nation as I took trains from Portland to Pittsburgh.
Marius, most people are too stupid to understand a clearly crafted three sentence explanation of anything.
More importantly, most people are so pathetically, squishy weak, so led along by their masters like shuddering sheep with their sloe-eyed gaze trained on the pie-in-the-sky promise that the people who hate them, torment them, farm them and dispassionately butcher them, in fact love and protect them, that they are incapable of believing that their shepherd, their good shepherd, would ever shear, dock or butcher them. People see government as the shepherd dedicated to protecting his sheep from the wolves. But this is only his obvious method for making sure that the higher order of man eats the sheep and not the lower order of wolf. Gods only save us from devils so that they may dine upon our souls in stead of the spawn of Hel.
Look, most people deserve the absolute worse fate that the Creep State can dispense.
We are a fallen gaggle of lie-worshipping, self-hating, guilt-bathed, dysgenic races.
We are pathetic and deserve a meteor.
I do have absolutely faith in the vile nature of humanity.
So, if you can get your mind right and realize, that the vast herd of pious, deranged meat-puppets jerking about the stage of our lives as total slaves of the MASTERS, deserve only suffering and doom, then maybe you can stop wasting your time trying to help them.
Further, a small percentage of those who are forced to suffer and face the dark, will jump-start into actual human beings, ascendant souls that care more about doing and striving and seeing, than feeding and mewing.
You might think this is overblown. But I am living in a house now that has three TVs on 24-7. One of these TVs has 24/7 dining shows, in which homos jet, boat, drive and sashay around the world eating exotic food, with us spending our days watching sensuously-lipped drones eat!
Humanity has had its noble high points.
But postmodern humanity is a vast septic tank of swirling filth that needs to be flushed into a lava caldera to be turned into pure carbon.
Your desire to help enlighten the idiot collective is a still active residue of our induction into the Utopian Cult of Modernity.
Not only can't you help these meat-puppets, but you should not.
Torturing them would be base and like the filthy mind slave masters we so despise.
Outwardly agree with the fools and find some like minds you can speak with and try and build on each other's observations instead of debating.
Do not tell Pops and Maws that the Bantu warrior across the street that they worship as the sainted martyr of their time-travelling rape of his ancestors is waiting to rob and murder them across the street. Wish them well and let them totter on to their deserved doom, happy up until the point they suffer briefly before their much-deserved end. But do not let their suffering be wasted.
Use the breathing space that their demise will give you, to duck back into the 7-11 and grab a couple of IPAs to enjoy in your den, as you read books about when men were men and had not yet become beasts of prey. Use the demise of others to make your way further into understanding so that, when that 1 in 100 humans who has a soul and is not simply some meat-puppet, reaches out, that you can help him.
Bro, we are in the zombie apocalypse movie, with the caveat that if you defeat a zombie attack, that the movie producer will send in a SWAT team to punish you and drag you off the movie set. Do not argue with the zombies, or torment them. Use them as the half rotten meat shields that they are and hope they halt the slathering diseased jaws of their more vibrant and starving fellows who come for your throat in the bright, white, gaslit dark.
The sun is shining through the window.
I should go for a walk.
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SidVic     Mar 18, 2021

Getting dark up in here.
Denise     Mar 18, 2021

What I wouldn't do to be able to have real conversations about interesting topics without being given a blank stare and a, "Where do you come up with this stuff?". I think one of the most shocking/disappointing conversations I've had was when I asked a gal what her hobbies were and she had a deer in the headlights look then had to think a long time before answering, "I don't know....hiking, I guess...." and had nothing more to offer. I worked in medical for decades and can tell you that most people are dead long before they die. Most people aren't even capable of even the most basic reflection or introspection, let alone thinking outside the box. I can't tell you how many times I've realized how grateful I am to be me and not them.
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