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Hog Cop, Cocao Tittie Combat Exposition
Lynn Lockhart Cues the Crackpot on the Rise of the Planet of the...
...gotcha, you thought I was going to write something other than Planet of the Japes?
[Crackpot comments will appear in brackets.]

Chimpbreak and other videos
[The videos stream on these various twitter threads. I had a hard time following them.]
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Mar 22, 4:51 PM (4 days ago)
No BLM riots for this one. Massive hog of a cop fails to detain a short, chubby kwean, ends up killing her but she did shoot first!
[If she had also shot and killed the PIG, this would have been a perfect eugenic moment.]
Spring Break Miami Beach:
Incredibly athletic female (warning: melanated titties are exposed during this video, mature audiences only) martial arts exhibition, in the street, at night, with police presence:
Poor quality video of a brawl inside a restaurant:
Traffic is disrupted by melanated females performing a mating display in the intersections, plus some fighting by nearby males in the natural response (daylight):
Females fighting in the airport, hapless paleface cop barely tries to stop them:
[More fat ghost PIGs! Refereeing this sister-on-sister crime was a common job task for the Ghetto Grocer.]
Savage mixed gender restaurant match, again, these ladies are dressed for success and one girls entire bottom is exposed:
[High definition video would have been preferable. But the real tragedy is that no one ripped the white dress off of Candice Owens' little sister. The substandard bitches should have been KO'd and the men should have made white dress and pink panties wrestle. Where are the Comanches when you need them?]
What lessons can we learn from all this???? The conservacuck poster blames local officials for not preparing and for hamstringing police (last year the police were accused of raycizm). He does NOT blame the primates for behaving according to their natural instincts. Let the record show that whypipo can gather by the thousands and take massive amounts of drugs (e.g. burning man) and have nothing but chill times exchanging sexually transmitted diseases. The twitter user also reports that the out-of-towners have now begun terrorizing residential areas and there have been shootouts as well at least one woman gang raped and left for dead (she was dead).
[I see every aspect of this being To The Good, as Aristotle would say. Cuckmericans who care more for the condition of their sterile lawns than for their sterile sons and daughters would, in a realistic near future science-fiction adventure story, be dragged into the street by Wakandan hordes and have burning car tires draped over their necks. This will happen in America before 2040—and, any attempt by non-Cucked Muricans to fight back will be punished by Caucasian super-soldiers working in SWAT Police capacity, repelling in from choppers and rescuing the Wakandan Underlords from the ghostman defender.]
What have I learned? I can see little difference between "spring break" and a "BLM riot" so why not stick to light hearted fun? Anyone who wishes to destroy a city need only mobilize any 500 of these individuals and supply them with alcohol and snacks and revealing polyester clothing.
[Look, it is simple, the difference between Spring Break and BLM riots, is that the BLM rioters are mostly whypipo imitating Spring Break mating behavior in a wan, washed-out manner. The year before last, in Virginia, one municipality forbade restaurants to close against the losses caused by this and employees were forced to serve their dark masters for no pay and under threat of injury. The truth is simple, and is demonstrated perfectly by Spring Break Champouts and BLM riots, if we can only put aside the delusions of cocksucking cukservative worshippers of Blue Penises and liberal worshippers of Cocoa Cocks, that the presence of police and law enforcement, and of civil and criminal courts specifically, casts a cloak of absolution over these activities. If not for the PIG army kneeling on the neck of every Cuckmurican City, ten rednecks with axhandles could restore order in any of the dozens of American cities that have been turned into mini-Sowetos over the past six years.]
Thank you, Lynn for this humorous walk down Harm City Lane.
PIGs are the crusader knights of cuckdom, enforcing the will of the universal church of trannyism.
Champs are their allies, the secular lords of Cuckmenistan.
People who actually work for a living and are not of a heavenly hue, are the serfs and peasants of this Blew World Order.
What is the difference between Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter?
As the American kneels in the alley with his dress on, the only difference in these two ideologies are whether or not the pants around the ankles of the master whose flute Mister Cuckmerica plays are blue slacks or grey sweats.
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