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Personal Power in the Final Human Hour
Fire Continues a Discussion of Taboo You with its Author
Taboo You...continued...
Wed, Mar 24, 2:12 PM (2 days ago)
Hey James...
Merci for the insightful and in depth response posted the other day.
I thought one thing really when I read through it a third time this morning...
Had to read up some on the I was unfamiliar...(thanks for thought provoking)...
As is most often the case, I concur with your understandings and expositions...
What this self aware (so astutely put) predatory system has all but completed is the severing of remembrance and connection to all things primal, natural. The cheap and dead end reality of religious love/hate as a substitution for honor and integrity.
I could go on and on about what stood out in your writing as really all of it is sharply expressed...but rather than possibly bore or inundate you, I thought I would offer a story (among many) that came to mind in regards to something you pointed out...
"Any dissenting view from a woman—such as yourself—is therefore more dangerous than dissent among men, in part because female dissent is so rare."
At the start of the Irak War one weekend my partner at the time and I were in NYC on a Sunday afternoon and came upon a strip mall plastic version of an antiwar protest attempting to reminiscent the 60" we walked through the few thousand crowd of hippies / liberals with their "Stop The War" signs and watched them attempting to incite these cops who were just there getting their overtime and hadn't gotten their full on beetlejuz trainings was mainly just a pathetic display on all sides. At some point my partner came upon a size-able piece of cardboard and marker and made a sigh that said, "Stop The Hippies."
As he carried above his head (he was about 6"1') the cops got a laugh and the crowds just made pouty faces and mumbled amongst each other. No one said a word to him. (For his part he was Scot Irish with Pale blue eyes and heavy dark circles under his eyes (the kind of drinker who caught fire for days)...he looked insane and frightening to a lot of people.)
I thought it was all rather funny so I said, "let me hold the sign." He handed it to me and instantaneously, I had the sign in my hands 2 seconds tops.......I shall quoting the echoes that followed those 2 seconds:
"fuck off you f**kin b**ch" "Drop dead you C**t" Go read a fashion magazine you stupid b**ch."
"Go walk the runway you stupid c**t." It was so overt and so over the top my partner took the sign out of my hands as it was making some of these sorry excuses for maleness actually square up to me and block my path...
It's interesting the different flavors of reviled I have experienced in clearly and coherently dissenting while among different races and ethnicities and the various cult-ures uhmericans tell themselves aren't cults...the memories of these have often served to make me laugh and sigh in my wandering...
A question: (and if it's alright with you I will return with others as they naturally arise through pondering)
"to control his reproduction and reduce it, can be achieved with a simple incentive program: plenty, safety and guilt on one side serve as the stick of sterility, while the threat of scarcity, danger and persecution on the other hand serves as the carrot of infertility."
Is the stick of sterility for males and and carrot of infertility directed at females? Or is it without a specific focus?
To me, saying Yes to Life is about saying yes to every bit of beauty and magic, soil and air and everything that grows, swims, crawls, flies, live and live again. The ecstacy of natural life no matter the vicissitude.
Saying to being civilized. No to all "The Wrong" you also said in Taboo what cultivates personal power.
Alas....Am a strategist with no where to go.
Merci again for the brilliant and generous offering of your understandings.
I appreciate you James.

First, Fire, It is a very good thing for a predominantly male readership to get some honest, anonymous impressions and inputs from a female reader.
Concerning the System's drive to encourage infertility, which I think is both concious and unconscious, as the System has develped instincts for survival and propagation, I see the hideous beauty in it expressed in both the stick and the carrot working on both sexes and also on their united identities.
Most of the fertile couples I know decline to reproduce.
To the extent that there is a sex less willing to want children, this is clearly the male.
I think the lack of security, the fact that men are not legally permitted to defend themsleves or their family in a world becoming more dangerous, is the key here. Many women will galdly get with child in insecure circumstances to encourage more comittment from her mate. So, the reduction in prosperity in a System that has long ago declared that reproduction before prosperity is anethema, which is not a normal human value with the poor generally being more fecund than the secure, is a brilliant way of intensifying the secure human's reduction in a desire to procreate by attaching it to the spectre of possible poverty, reducing masculine confidence.
So, in this anarcho-tyranny matrix, in which danger has been systematically increased by the rulers, even as the right to self-defense has been reduced, the natural protective instinct of the man is turned inward in pre-defeat and he declines to bringing a child into the world in which he is legally prohibited from defending his offspring.
This is, I think, why women have become the latest targets for sterility mind control by two avenues:
-1. social pressure on women from the medical-media establishment to encourage their children of both sexes to become chemically and surgically sterilized in a bid to attain a queer-pressure proof identity.
-2. isolation from men who they do not already know via lockdown and encouragement of birth control. There are now commercials for home delivery birth control showing slightly overweight commercial actors declaring that they can order home birth control from their couch while binge watching TV.
Also, military recruitment advertisements have ramped up—and guess what, they exclusively target the parent of the recruit, not the young person. This is profoundly dysgenic, to encourage predominantly female military service in the mind of the parent beginning at age 18, the traditional year of marriage in rising nations.
This is on top of the use of disease panic to discourage bringing an infant onto a plague matrix and the multi-disciplinary media-medical-government push to disable human immune systems to future viral attacks via bogus chemo-therapy disguised as a faxsheen.
At the same time that plague stalks the world, TV promotes remote identity cultism by which the only people outside of the nuclear family circle that the Murican meet-puppet sees without a mask on are actors. this increases identification with the messenger of the TV-borne propaganda over real humans. There is an entire network of TV shows devoted to glorification of gastro-colonial world restaurant tours, in which mostly gay men with sensuous mouths eat on camera with reaching, lonely cock-starved lips as we peasants worship their ingestion remotely from our meat-lockers.
Staying these last two weeks in a normalized house, with TVs on constantly, has exposed me to the full gamut of TV-ALTAR mind control. Another aspect of the media machine that inhibits reproduction is very important as it effects the dissenting minority of men and the women they come in contact with, making these men unattractive to potential mates. Women tend to avoid mating with, and especially being impregnated by, men who cannot control their anger. This is in contrast to the fact that women tend to be turned off by easily led herd-men, the ideological steers who they will mate with, but in a lesbian BFF manner tending to be void of passion and fecundity. Avoiding angry men is a highly useful survival instinct, as angry men usually meet with untimely disaster at the hands of more ruthless men and also sometimes turn on their women and children.
Plainly, while the steer of the human herd, the emasculated man, is brainwashed by the gaslighting altar of the media machine, the independent—minded man of the type that women in natural setting are so attracted to—the bull—will not be able to walk by the lying oracle of the system without expressing anger, unless he has developed a high level of discipline. Men who cannot control their anger, and who show it and do not know how to mask it from women or children, do not engender the confidence in most healthy women—particularly young fertile women—necessary for a child-rearing relationship. This is the beauty of gaslighting, that it renders the mass herd of meet-puppet males sterile and tends to elicit anger flashes from spiritually fertile men that undermines confidence of potential mates. This is very important to understand in a time of the mass-shooting of the week, which are MK-Ultra Creep State OPs conducted to develop a general suspicion in men amongst women and thus promote sterility.
Dog parent commercials have proliferated with the phony disease propaganda as a major new trend.
These are just some in many ways that the System, through its media didacts, encourages sterility among both sexes. I see much of this as collectively instinctual and mercantile. The nuclear family burns much more resources and fires more economic activity per person than the extended family. For instance, moderation of disagreements are no longer handled for free by the extended family, but by government agencies.
But in our consumption-based world—which means destruction-based—that must always increase economic activity, the nuclear family becomes the target as a way of destroying all organic humanity and achieving a final glorious economic burn.
Destruction of the extended family super charged the housing market.
Destruction of the right to bear arms supercharges that housing market as urban flight accelerates.
Destruction of the nuclear family doubles our housing requirements and makes us all spend more on food as we have lost all economy of scale and eat alone. A bachelor spends three times as much on his food as a wife spends on her husband's food, even though the husband eats better than the bachelor.
Getting pregnant is free for people in their teens and twenties. But encouraging prosperity-delayed family planning and child birth targeted for 35-45 year old women, makes that very expensive medically.
Expensive is always good from a System perspective.
Altering that child's sex is then a huge expense for life and further fires economic expense and therfore profit.
Now, creating a child medically will be extremely expensive.
Fire, we have become the thing that eats and only a faminie can save us from consuming our own souls.
As a startegy, I sugegst a holistic fast.
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