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A Guerilla Masculinity Checklist for Remote Broodhome Viability
A reader sent me the following request yesterday. Unfortunately, I was having a bad eye seizure and could not reply. Note that his plight, concerning his children, is the plight of most modern men, to be separated from their children by the ruling coalition of Ritchdom, Snitchdom and Bitchdom; economy, government and matriarchy.

Advice for the kids
Wed, Mar 31, 7:54 PM (2 days ago)
The kid's mom just got an apartment in the absolute worst part of the city. I found out today. I need to have a talk with them about what to expect, help them anticipate the traps sure to spring up before them.
Can you please give me some wisdom here? I'm sure there are things for them to know that just won't occur to me. The area is pretty black, pretty Mexican and pretty poor. It's the epicenter of most of the gangster gun play in town.
-A Dad

This is a very sticky situation.
You see, if you tell your children that martyr race and working race people are more violent than guilt race people, and they blurt this to Mom, you could end up being assigned a social worker and be even further separated from your children. This entire operation, must be conducted under the fiction that race has no bearing on crime.
I will start with what you can do, as a man, to protect your children directly, and then give you some tips on what can be discussed with them. You must uderstand, that as a ghostman, you are ruled by matriarchy and the thing you are most worried about is that those martyr class men who have put in place a street patriarchy in defiance of the majority government worship cult of guilt people and martry women, will prey upon your children.
No society has been more firmly ruled by matriarchy than the European American of the late 20th and early 21st century, up to and include Ancient Minoan and 19th century Ugandan civilizations. For instance, I know readers who must hide certain books from their wives and girlfreinds. Guilt Men, being first and formost creatures of self-blame and loathing, are now entirely at the mercy of the System, which assigns various females: mothers, sisters, wives, to supervise them, spy upon them and turn them in. Since the Dread Minus began sweeping the land and causing bodies to heap up on sidewalks, the female government agents in every home have been the ones who decide whether or not I can have contact with the men under their supervision.
This is the basement floor. Although it is uphill from here, I suggest the climb out of the postmordial ooze of domesticity rather than digging down to the sewer line and drinking deep of the fruit of the Deciever that is civilization.
The following are things I did when my wife kicked me out.
-1. Visitation
I am assuming a visitation arrangement is in operation. What ever that is, make sure that your X does not bring the kids to you. You alwasy go get the kids. The most dangerous aspect of living in a bad area, for a motorist, is getting from the vehicle to the house and from the house to the vehicle.
-2. Presence
The greatest indiactor that a child will be atatcked by older children and men, is that the father is absent and there is no adult brother or uncle present. So, do not sit in your car when you pick them up. Do not show up just minutes before you pick them up. Park your car in front of the X's place hours before [I used busses so didn't have to worry about parking] the pick up time and go have breakfast. Go to the bar and drink gingerale and get to know someone. [These are reasons why government wants all these places closed, to assist in atomization and prevent such measures.] Be confident, courteous and active. If someone asks what you are doing in the neighborhood, give your first name, shake their hand, and claim to be living on your X's block or in those aprtments. No address, of course. Tell them you are a truck driver or something, so that will explain your gaps in visibility. In addition, visit the neighborhood and make freinds and patronize businesses on days that you do not have visitation. Bring things you buy to your X's place—best X-schmuck in the world and carry those groceries indoors, not standing on the porch like a chump. She is Queen of the World and should not have to carry groceries!
-3. Go with the Flow
God Government, Media and your X want your children to be as slavish, and timid, and isolated, and wimpy as possible. Now, since the greatest danger to ghetto residents is walking, and your children will not be driving for some while, and the second greatest danger is going to and from the car and house with mom, then encourage them to stay isolated in their dwelling like a bug person and discourage all external play on the street at the park, etc. By them games like dungeons and dragons. This will put you and mom on the same page. You can take them on adventures when you have them.
-4. Know Who Holds the Hammer
Your children, being Guilt Americans, are last-class citizens, just like I was for my entire life, passed over for overjobs, ruled over by cops and hunted for my blotchy hide for 38 years. Every town is now Baltimore in some way. They must pretend to not see race at all and must never use taboo words and must minimize speaking with Martyr Folk. Any Martyr Folk in this nation can attack them and simply say that they sued the N-word and they're gold. The N-word is a licinse to kill. This suicide word will be expanded by stages to include previously civil terms and inferring the N-word by not apologizing for the fact that James LaFond used his time machine to rape their ancestors. In some circles, it is already an attack to call someone black, and is why I do not use that term in this writing space.
-5. Do you have a grandparent?
If so, suggest your hard-working X use that grandparent as a place to drop off the kids. Life is hard out there for a single mother. She should get a break from the drudgery.
-6. Packing up?
The most efefctive and brutal race-based atatcks, of all kinds angainst all kind, in my expereince and in my 4-year violence project survey, was when a pair of people were attacked by a trio or a pack or an older or more masculine pair. Your children, will be utterly submerged in a tribal matrix if they spend time playing on the street. Traditional wisdom asays have brother escort sister, big brother escort little brother, etc. Howver, in my actual expereince, this is a a trap. For instance. My Cousin Fred was walking his sister Kathy home from school. He was surrounded by ten Martyr Race men and beaten down and stomped. Tribal packs love signalling out protective males because they know they will fight. A pack of Caucasoid Apes suckered me into a gang-up fight by picking on my little brother when I was 9.
-7. Practice being Cagey
Your children must mentally frame the world as a place where every motorist will, under certain conditions that cannot be fully known by the pedestrian, try to run them over. Recently I was in Portland walking with a friend's two boys and noted that the older boy was not aware of adults at all, that he was used to being cared for by adults and did not frame them as the predators of children that they are. He did, however, see the cars as a great threat and saw the crossing of a main street as a test of his survival skills. I suppose the machine dehumanized the adults and let him see them for the evil fiends that they are. The younger boy, put 100% total trust in every stranger in an automobile, even while breaking pedestrian crossing rules that would absolve a mootorist from his death. I found it unwise to walk with both of them together. I tried to tell them about motorists acrtually, casually trying to run me over at legal street crossings in Baltimore for decades—it happned last June at Taylor and Lochraven. Hopefully that sinks in. Get your kids to start viewing vehicles as murder machines and practice avoiding contact with the speeding bumper with ZERO trust! This will help them reframe the adult world into the evil matrix that it is.
When you have visitation, make it an adventure, a training day to practice avoiding the ravenous clutches of the Teenage Zombies and the nefarious intent of the Adult Giants, remembering that teenagers, to preteens, are essentially like the WWZ zombies on meth to humans in that movie. Watch various zombie movies and show the kids how teens and adults type as predatory vectors for government evil.
Sir, the world hates your children because they are your scions, and you have to find a way to use that reality to forge them without introducing imperfections that will cause them to crack when quenched. Our society is designed to produce violent criminals and shivering cucks—rabbits and coyotes. Start training your coyotes by letting them know that they can't beat wolves in a fight.
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