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A Podcast on Collapse Ranching
The podcast about cattle ranching
Sat, Apr 3, 6:41 PM (6 days ago)
to me
-Nero the Pict

I was impressed with this man from a Texas ranching tradition that is based on turning grasslands into deserts, now practicing local ranching in Oregon. He embraces the global warming and carbon footprint bullshit either through ignorance or as a cloak against the left, and people on the right have threated to kill him. That last is typical, in that conservatism is the baseless clinging to things of the past in the hectic pursuit of the dollar as an aspect of divinity on earth.
The Younger Dryas event is described nicely as a megafauna extinction targeting grazing animals in North America. The man then goes on to demonstrate the importance of large hoofed animals for vegetation regeneration and how debased modern cattle ranching is. The key takeaway is that big industrial concerns have set us up for a meat-farming disaster and a Brill Yates take over of grazing land in his quest to have us eat engineered worm food. I am familiar with this outlawing of small scale butchering from two discussions, one with an Amish man whose community is under attack for processing their meat, and the other a friend in Washington State who buys entire sheep and beeves and butchers them himself. He is now limited to animals he hunts and beef, because the small slaughter yard where he used to go pick out his sheep, was closed by government regulation for the crime of being a small business. The point is, that to do this, you need to be able to buy a half an animal, which is prohibitively expensive for many, and not storable for apartment and townhouse dwellers, for instance.
This podcast sketches a frightful picture of the unsustainable fragility of modern meat-farming.
Thank you, Nero, King of the Last Picts
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