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Machete Counter Attack
Reparations Recover Agents Rebuffed by the Last Man in Oakland
Asians defending elderly parents with machetes
Apr 8, 2021, 8:52 AM (1 day ago)
to me
The Machete Phase of the American Decline has commenced :
Be well,
Mike the Exile

Okay, I like the reporter despite the absence of Mesolithic fertility proportions—a giant jelly ass and pendulous rack just wouldn't look right on this girl.
Oh, yes, the faggotry calls...
Bantu warriors have long hunted Asians in American cities. It is what they do. Leopards hunt baboons—its what they do. The important takeaway here is that an Asian grocer was arrested by the Oakland PIGs for defending himself with a gun. I spent 10 days over the past 7 months in Oakland, and the ebony men their are weak-ass faggots. So, if you are the government, and you terrorize your subjects while pretending to protect them, even though you arrest them every time they defend themselves against the paramilitary government allies, the mask is important. Maskland theology includes anonymity for violent actors working for and with government to terrorize us, the subjects. of their rule. With these faggot squads of bantus who need 4 men to overcome two tiny bitches the mask not only emboldens them, but also prevents racial typology since Americans only see skin color and not chicken legs and elongated girly hands and therefore cannot identity these foes for who they are. Not only will the mask prevent racial identification in the future, keeping the police-hoodrat alliance deniable, it also prevents police from having to arrest people based on facial identification on video.
Three years ago it was consider intent to commit a crime in many municipalities to wear a mask. now you are supposed to, and since their is zero medical evidence for masks as a public health device, it is obvious that Maskland has been introduced to encourage more violent crime at the every same time the most violent demographics have been sainted and raised upon the holy cross. Seriously, one day, a person will be mugged by a masked bantu, and when she claims that he was black based on the smell of his hair, she will be charged with a hate crime. It will happen. Bookmark this shit home-slice.
A month ago, in a small town called Elizabethtown in Pennsylvania, two police officers arrest an elderly retired man for sitting and watching the trains go by, even after he showed them the phone number of the train official who had given him permission to watch the trains go by on the porch of the train station. The old man was not charged and was released. The PIGs even apologized. But he had to make arrangements to pick up his car from the station. So, this shows that they were not malicious, that they were conducting social control business according to the new template of encouraging violent crime by Bantus and bullying non-criminals into staying at home, where, if they defend themselves against the feral allies of the police, they will be killed or abducted by the police.
If that squat chink with the machete had caught and cleaved any of those baboons, he would be behind bars right now awaiting persecution by the Black Robed Priests of Planet Faggotron.
The Police are every free man's mortal foe.
The PIGs are our enemy and the hoodrats are their allies.
Look at the milk-chocolate dipped PIG fag-in-chief Oakland.
That is tomorrow's jackbooted Nazi thug who will inherit the hammer and the sickle that every sissy American in this nation has begged for for my entire life, powerful policing. And, for my money, anyone who backs the blew deserves the black attack that is coming.
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Juan StaboneApr 23, 2021

Before the chubby choco-Chief rose to the top in Oakland, the position was filled by a gray-haired old maid who may or may not have taught Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure at the Academy in my state circa 1990. She was a nice enough ol' spinster, but I found it hard to believe that she had ever made a physical arrest in her entire career.

Certainly an inspiration to the troops, no?
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