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Paramour of the Quean
Juan Stabone Cues the Crackpot on a Big Bantu Throwdown
© 2021 James LaFond
The following combat scene was unfortunately marred by the Intercession of the Quean.
What are the lessons to be taken from this heroic battle?

Kangs gonna Kang
Tue, Apr 6, 12:56 PM (3 days ago)
Kandy Kruz on Twitter: "The bigger you are... the harder you fall."
-Juan Stabone

First and most important, I am a fan of the of Kandy Kruz at a mere glance...
Now, to the heroics, the battle between Hekta and Akilleeze!
Okay, as an expert on Low IQ Combat, I have decided, that Gangsta Fu is a more effective art than Swole Fu.
Technically, the taller man is not usually well-served by coming forward against a shorter man. As the shorter man has better chin access, the tall man should bait and switch and circle, not conduct a lineal attack.
In the moral sphere, I must declare, that if this occurred in the State of Appalachia, and I were Hillbilly-and-Chief, that I would have the wench who broke up the Big Bantu fight drafted into my secretarial pool to serve four years as an indentured hot tub attendant charged with oral dictation. The two men would be drafted into the army and sent to the front to battle flat-landers and Yankees.
Personally, I am offended at this example of cultural appropriation, with these Africans laying crude claim to my storied Irish ancestry...

Profile of the Quean of some savage planet.
Look, the Quean here is in possession of a dubious morality—which, as Aristotle would note, is to the good. This Shamahat of Latter Day Deviltry is unsuited for Church Lady activity. Every warlord should own a bitch like this. I think that if the Robert E. Howard yarn, Almuric, in which an ebony queen of a savage planet tries to seduce the hero, or Black Canaan, set in Mississippi, are ever made into movies, that this woman should be cast as the seductress.
Thank you, Juan.
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