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Jeremy Bentham Sounds the Horn of Yondor...
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Maryland Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto to Repeal Police Bill of Rights
Apr 13, 2021, 6:20 PM (8 hours ago)
Hey James,
FYI. It looks like the Harm City Police are going to have to follow the “Chuck Norris Rule” from now on. See article below.
“What’s the Chuck Norris rule? As anyone who’s ever seen his family-friendly brand of martial-arts ass-kicking knows, the Chuck Norris rule is simple: Force can only be met with equal but not greater force. An evil ninja comes at you with fists, you use fists to defeat him. Kicks can be met with kicks. Weapons like a staff or a sword are only allowable when the bad guys use them first. And a gun? That’s only a permissible line of defense when the villain is firing directly at you with intent to kill. In the Chuck Norris universe, this type of proportional response to villainy is mandated. It’s why, for eight seasons, CBS was able to promote Walker, Texas Ranger as family-friendly entertainment. At heart, the Chuck Norris rule is the direct antithesis of the “Chicago way“ from The Untouchables.”
See “Old White Guys and the Chuck Norris Rule”
Presumably B’ More cops will be also be enjoined from calling for back-up against a single perp. A whole gang of cops showing up to take down one single suspect just smacks of sissy pilling on, doesn’t it? Surely officers of the proud BPD, one of the oldest urban police forces in the country, should be willing and able to confront criminals man to man, like Marshall Dillion on TV.
Baltimore police patrolmen are historically famous for bearing the “espantoon” wooden baton. In light of this official sentiment toward de-escalation in police work, perhaps the BPD should eschew firearms all together and just employ the baton exclusively? They’ll need someone to show them how to use it too, as I imagine much of the institutional memory on how to effectively employ it has gone away. Maybe apublic spirited trainers suchas yourself, eh James?
Of course this meme of ‘de-escalation’ and ‘proportionality’ is just so absurd as to be comical. You and I both understand, James, that when it comes time to arrest the old, white, crackpot, dissident enemies of the Woke State the powers-that-be will do everything BUT de-escalate the situation. One has only to compare the reaction to the officer involved shooting of an unarmed suspect at the Capitol on January 6 of this year, to that following the recent one in a Twin Town suburb. Not only is the town being punished by looting and burning (SOP), it appears the whole municipal chain of command is getting sacked over this incident.
The fact that the current regime’s nominee to head the three-letter agency starting with ‘a’ was a participant in the events at you-know-where is not lost on us. That was a model of proportionality in the use of force, wasn’t it? All because some unlikeable, white, religious cultists neglected to obtain the proper federal permits and pay the 200 dollar transfer tax per weapon on some full automatic rifles that were alleged to be in their possession. What followed is history as they say.
The only thing that rings true about the alleged intent of the Maryland Legislature’s action is that there will be no more ‘due process’ of law. You’re guilty if the Woke State says you are.
Take care James.

Bro, I am here to serve.
If this entire shithole country has to burn so that I can get a job teaching stick-fighting to pigs, than it is God's will!
I can train a platoon at a time.
Each one of the 2,200 cops that goes 10 1-minute rounds with me will get a Schtick and Prove T-shirt.
In addition the all-important female cops will get a personal stick grappling lesson with me, video-taped by Incognegro!
Jeremy—I feel like a growing concern!
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nc     Apr 14, 2021

quit bashing my local fuzz. It not their fault a strong pale face female cleansed a 3/4 pale face vp. he didn't do nod'n, tha tis way we had to go shop'n for fee.
Bryce Sharper     Apr 16, 2021

They won't even be able to follow the Chuck Norris rule. One of my friends is a deputy with a BJJ black belt of Machado lineage. He prefers using his hands. He refuses to go on patrol anymore because the county no longer allows them to use chokes to subdue uncooperative suspects in response to St. FLoyd's overdose. He is so prone to choking guys because of his training that he doesn't trust himself not to do it, so he will only work as a bailiff now.

Another deputy friend works in the county jail and is simply big and muscular. He can damage you quite easily with his hands. He has about 10-15 lbs on me and a few inches. Up in another county, a deputy subdued an uncooperative car jacking suspect by slamming his head on the side of the car door because the suspect refused to turn off the car and get out. The deputy was fired. It remains to be seen whether a Kareerist Karen DA goes after him later. Looks like we are about another piece of legislation away from that happening.

The cops are going to stop policing and then we will be fending for ourselves. This will be a great reality check for liberals though I am overall not looking forward to it since I will have to go more places with my wife to protect her.
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