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More Meat!
Possible Uses for White People from Viking Age Barbarian and the Unrepentant Conquistador?
© 2021 James LaFond
At last, a use for the majority of useless whites!
-Viking Age Barbarian
Thu, Apr 15, 10:54 PM (12 hours ago)
WATCH: Rioters in Minnesota Demand White People Act as Human Shields During Attack on Police Station
Black Lives Matter rioters demanded that white people move to the front and act as human shields while they attacked the Brooklyn Center police station on Tuesday evening. In the footage, rioters can be heard shouting “get the white people to the front!” A tactic that has been employed during several riots, including Ferguson in…
Today a shield, tomorrow, meat in a post-apocalyptic sandwich. Ops, no bread.
Ragnaroking by Viking Age Barbarian

Scrabble criticised for banning offensive and racist words
Thu, Apr 15, 9:08 PM (13 hours ago)
Challenge or Handicap?

Feed them to the dogs—where are Soto's dogs when you need them!
-Unrepentant Conquistador

The Crackpot thinks that any slave class who exchanges their identity for the identity of their master class, gets what they deserve.
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harm city to chicongo
Old Bitchez Too!
when you're food
book of nightmares
buzz bunny
the fighting edge
riding the nightmare
NC     Apr 19, 2021

Yes, MN people that are Yeti are mostly sheep.
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