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Boomer Land
A Myth of the 20th Century Listener Asks for a Crackpot Prediction
© 2021 James LaFond
[Crackpot thoughts are in brackets.]
Thanks Lynn!. I'm on a forum where we review and recommend different books, I've already done The Logic of Steel and America in Chains and this one  looks like the best way to keep going with the American History angle.
[J, thanks for promoting my work.]
Hans's question about the future of American cities is exactly what I wanted to ask about! James I added you to this email so you can see it, please leave my last name out of any response on the site for obvious privacy reasons.
[I'll be addressing mostly the future of the rural zones, because that is where the questions remain.]

In your recent appearance on the Myth20C podcast you predicted that Baltimore is the future of all American cities. Over the past few decades all of your predictions have come true in America's coastal cities and their surrounding suburbs. My assumption is these are the places our illustrious ruling class want their agendas completed in full.
[I only say this will be so because it can be so and it is obviously what the elite want for American cities. I see suburbs and portions of cities as slated for the ethnic hellspace, with portions of the cities going smart and swart. However, I suspect they have a radically different agenda for rural spaces. Also, if there is an unforeseen natural event, such as the return of an old God, the strike of a meteor, or if I am recalled to the zoological academy at Regal M, and the fact that you stupid apes have not progressed at the predicted rate and I am unable to return and a reclaimation team is sent—suffice it to say that they are not students of zoology—than the earth might have a better outcome after being unburdened of some 7 billion jabbering toons.]
The rest of America is swinging in a different direction. Citizens are being allowed to defend themselves (even with firearms!) at a higher and higher rate of success. Up to 20 states will have "Constitutional carry" (no permit required) on the books by the end of the year.
[Last week a man carrying a gun in Oregon was beaten by four Bantus. He elected not to fire and took the beating, knowing he would become an evil cartoon. Wait until these ghosts carrying guns start shooting Bantus on American highways while their girlfriend videos it on her camera. Gun carry has nothing to do with self-defense and will only be a way to slate you for government offense. Keep worshiping Good God Gun and see where it gets you. It is unlikely that rural men with a gun, when approached individually by a strike team will fare well. I was three months in rural Washington, in the Cascades, miles off of a public road. This past January 8 I stood next to the Colonel, a man who commanded special operations soldiers from squad to battalion level for 20 years. He was looking out the kitchen window. As I brought my plate to the sink I looked up at him and silently wondered what was haunting him. He took note and looked down at his little ditch-digging hoodrat and answered the question unasked, “I'm getting old—done some horrible shit for this country. I know how it takes care of business... When they come for me, do I get one, two or three? It doesn't matter, because they'll send six—six like I was when I was young. But a man wonders what kind of impression he'll make.”]
[On second thought, kiss that gun on its altar and sleep sound at night. There is no need to avoid conflict. When two light chocolate men roll up into your cul de sac and one threatens you while the other videos you deploying your gun so that the ATF Social Justice Warrant can be served—America will rally to your defense!]
In 2020 alone we saw over 5 million first time gun buyers in the United States, the highest number ever. Our mainstream media never covers it, but people use them successfully in self defense every day with no major legal repercussions.
[So many unemployed Hispanic men bought guns in Fresno California with their stimulous money in 2020, that I shared a train car bound for Seattle with three refugees from the increased brown-on-brown violence.]
What do you make of this? I am seeing a trend of the coastal cities reaching a state of permanent lockdown, with every honest person left unable to defend themselves with so much as an inkpen or well placed fist, all while masked up in perpetuity of course.
[Sure, this has happened.]
Meanwhile inland America is not only arming up, they're also giving citizens legal protections they didn't have before.
[Local and state protections, not federal protections. I had a friend legally growing pot in a Nevada municipality who was arrested by federal agents. Any county or town who passes a law permitting firearms defense, will be painting a target on it's back and all the Feds have to do is send in a martyr-race person carrying his student loan application and knocking on your door asking for directions. His threats will not be recorded. The cameras will start running at the point where you threaten him—you dirty racist. Remember that the Feds not only executed Gordon Kahl when he tried to surrender, but snuffed the local sheriff bringing him in and then claimed Kahl killed him...]
Men are even attending MMA gyms again without officials demanding shutdowns!
[Operating gyms in the future is going to carry an obligation, similar to a church, to make available a roster of members to the authorities.]
Maybe our elites are focusing their omnipotence on their coastal fiefdoms full of imported populations living in alleged perfect harmony, while abandoning the rest as long as it continues to provide tax revenue. Personally I think they're too ideologically determined to stop now.
[It I not just ideological. Brill Yates and other Infotech Moguls are buying up rural areas, farmland, and residential. They want to control food production during the 30-year solar minimum we just entered. I stay with rural westerners who are pointing out to me that they are being pushed out of their ancestral homelands by “billionaires” who are “driving out the millionaires.” The goals in the hinterland include the colonization of the children of the locals through university induction and media brain washing. I know hunters who grew up part of the land, whose sons have to work three jobs to pay rising property taxes and whose grandsons now live online and believe everything that the social media machine says, including the fact that grandpop is nuts and more people of color must be imported to abate the guilt... A year ago I walked a country road in the rural Rockies, miles from the nearest farm house and was passed by a zooming caravan of up-armored white SUVs with slot windows, piloted by executive protection professionals. During High Plague last Labor Day 51 jets brought elite coastal families into one small Utah town in one day...]
You've already seen the urban trajectory in Baltimore and then Portland, my guess is that is the fate of every city on the coasts. For the rest it's becoming more like Detroit and the rustbelt in general, abandonment of entire neighborhoods becoming the norm. There's no politically motivated enforcement happening because all of the people and resources are simply gone!
[Billings and Whitefish Montana are already colonized by coastal elites. The Kardashians are buying land in Wyoming... There are places like Pittsburgh and Knoxville and Cheyenne that will remain habitable for families. But, Jackson Hole, Cody, Boulder, Denver, Salt Lake City these are being colonized by the elite who bring their morals with them and impose them through universities and media. Outside of Evenston Wyoming is an advertisement for African American college students being needed to attend college in a place where none live—they are needed to infuse high morals as demonstrated by the graphic which places the imported martyr man between the local girl and boy.]
Even though the map seems promising, over 85,000,000 people live in the coastal metropolitan zones where your risk of being attacked is often highest, as is the legal retribution of defending yourself.
[This is a start. By 2040, no where in America will a person not a member of the elite, or of a government or corporate enforcer, be able to discharge a rifle without drones swooping in. Invest in subsonic firearms and archery weapons that will not alert the gun control satellites already being put into processional array above us. There are many federal agents already in place out west eager to persecute hunters who defend themselves against grizzly bears and introduced arctic wolves. All we need is an aspiring HipHp artist breaking into a Wyoming ranch house to get in out of the cold to be shot by the owner to begin the final crusade.]
Is this the eventual fate of all of America? Or maybe inland America is digging in its heels for a generation of strife because they no longer have a choice.
[When hunting a critter,the hunter's task is always made easier when the beast “digs in its heels” and decides to fight. Do you really think you can take on the 101st Airborne, the 82nd, 1st Mountain, DELTA, the Rangers, the SEALs? These men are sworn to defend the government against “all enemies foreign and domestic.” Do you expect these last of human warriors permitted to be warriors in the Anglosphere, to forsake their oaths for your proclamation of rights? The Colonel does not. He fully expects to be treated like he treated Islamist resistance fighters overseas. You should read The Filthy Few, a novel in which I placed him as a character after discussing with him the chance that such an operation to rescue prisoners of the Deep State Rape Factory in Wyoming might succeed. J, I spend months out west in rural climes watching areal light shows by military craft with men who grew up under those big skies and are no aghast at their evil gods zooming above.]
The Baby Boomer generation holds more real estate wealth than all other generations combined and their share is still increasing. With younger people unable to flee the horde (America's main social paradigm since the end of WW2) we are entering a new era. The cracks are showing in the cozy suburban feedlot!
[Suburbia is doomed. Rural America offers a refuge for those of you unguilted ghosts who might find a niche providing services for the elites in their neo-feudal fiefs. Chinese masters are buying entire ranches and will probably get the rights to much public land. They will need Americans with indigenous skills to run their properties and to work in coffee shops in the quaint towns serving the elite on their outings.]
Maybe 21st century dystopian hive cities aren't all that bad. I'm looking forward to the boomers selling their land to the Amish so they can move to cities where Ecuadorian princesses keep them alive with heroic & compassionate medical care to the ripe age of 150. That's their plan, anyway.
[Suburbs in the Baltimore Area are already more dangerous in places for paleface pedestrians than city blocks. There is a lot of flux here. There is only so much hate to export and import into guilt zones. Until the government can find a pretext to ship 10-60 million Africans in a single decade, to the United States, the Hunt for Guilty Ghosts will continue to be spotty and depend increasingly on media, medical and law enforcement authorities. Look to see the latter being retooled for use in enforcing social media and medical warrants.]
The iron fist is localizing the ghost hunt, but intensifying it to make up for lost ground.
[Amen, Ghostman!]
On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 10:23 PM Lynn Lockhart wrote:
Hi J,
Cracker-Boy is available as a pdf here: Cracker-Boy
If you have questions, yes, that is the right email for James.
I also laughed hard at the last ep, especially when Hans asked if Baltimore was the future of all American cities and James said YESSSS.

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Banjo     Apr 24, 2021

Here is a something to consider. I have traveled across the country recently and in all the cities I talked to folks in I found that homes were being bought up sight unseen with cash offers. At first I thought this was flight from NY and CA but the trend has persisted. Recently I heard that real estate investment trusts are buying up everything they can and building entire subdivisions not to be sold but to be rented. As some soft-skinned fairy in Davos said, "you will own nothing and like it." This is the return to the mean. The return to feudalism and the reason prices are going up in a time of economic woe. So the reits buy up the homes and then they can lock in extreme rental rates and at the same time run the price of homes up and out of reach of the american who has had their wages frozen for the last 30years and has compensated by putting his wife to work, having three jobs, living intergenerationally etc. This forces people to rent. I would guess that Biden's job or whatever prez comes after him will jack up the inheritance tax so that it will be relatively impossible to pass on wealth to the next generation unless one can afford a team of lawyers. This will force all but the wealthy into owning nothing and "loving it."

If they take everything so be it. May they be crushed under the weight of it all while others of us stay fleet of foot and enjoy the natural world and our fellow non-hive mind travelers.
Billy the Mountain Boy     Jun 5, 2021

Hopefully the south will form barbarian tribes to fight this roman empire, but all the kids are high or infront of a screen, and thats all they want
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