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Jive Gee
More Proof that We Are Food Being Slow-Cooked by Vile Gods
perhaps it's worth sharing...since now it's become so incredibly widespread...

Thank you, Fire.
Over the past year the western skies have been inhabited by monstrous lines of satellites. The litany of personal journals concerning sudden and strange health concerns coinciding with the launch of these new satellite systems is far beyond my ability to consider. However, since humanity is retreating from space exploration and settlement, and science-fiction writers have convinced most of us that humans would not have survived in space anyhow and that we cannot possibly shield humans from damage in space flight, than I see only one logical reason why the Masters would continue to ring the planet with observation devices:
Obviously, because this is a prison, a feedlot, and that we are food of some kind, the dainty repast for some evil beings of another kind.
I would expect that energy weapons have also been mounted on these devices to be directed at earth to cause forest fires to continue the global warming hysteria despite the cooling cycle.
Likewise, since disease hysteria is now so important to the management of the gods' gaslit livestock, I would bet that microwaves are used to attack the health of people in order to cause more total death than normal and further justify disease hysteria.
I would not invoke the fool's law of intended consequences, but instead remind my fellow inmates on Prison Earth that it was the master class that decided to cut down the last tree on Rapa Nui [Easter Island] thus marooning those people who had once been the most adventurous race on earth on its furthest island, where they warred to near extinction until slave hunters arrived to take them away.
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DeniseMay 3, 2021

I have wondered if our cellphones are able to suck the energy put of us in some way? If I'm on for too long, I start feeling physically drained.
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