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'To Manipulate the Masses'
The Century of the Self - Part 1: "Happiness Machines"
© 2021 James LaFond
Edward Bernays essentially lit the spark of the modern anti-soul of consumption, the art of appealing to emotions rather than to the rational.
Making the world safe for democracy and the general propaganda sham surrounding American entry into WWI and the cult of sainthood woven around Woodrow Wilson as savior of the world propelled Bernays upon the world stage. He would use his uncle Sigmund Freud's work on the subconscious to help corporations to create a consumption-based society.
Cigarettes were a scourge transformed into the first irrational article of consumption when Bernays christened them torches of freedom. In 1924 he would use the Hollywood avatars of the silent screen to meet with an unpopular American President. Bernays would save his bankrupt uncle by appealing to the crude American psyche, which horrified Freud, who hated America.
Walter Whitman steps in with an accurate assessment of the animalistic herd impulses of the popular mind. I would suppose that the engineering of consent by Bernays after the influence of Whitman also debased the human as well as harnessed his desires to amass wealth at the top of the social pyramid. Democracy becomes the syringe that administers the opiate of desire and satiation to the mass mind. Bernays despised the masses and even his family and employees for being stupid. He was the chief of the elite that used reason to control and exploit the emotions of the mob.
Gallop and Roper under FDR challenged Bernays' view of the popular opinion as irrational and established it as a rational and well-reasoned body of “sensible citizens” which is, in this listeners view, the prefect means by which the truth of Freud and Bernays work and the fiction of Gallop and Roper were synthesized into one growing social control sentience.
Arch-fiend Bernays and under-fiend Anna Freud would go on to serve the soul-eating machine of the United States. 49% of all soldiers evacuated from combat in the U.S. military were psychologically incapacitated and had to be put into psychiatric care. These psychiatrists developed the opinion that the mental breakdown of half of all combatants was not due to combat, but were manifestations of preexisting savagery within the human soul that were summoned by the combat experience. According to the younger blood relatives of Anna Freud and Bernays these people were cold and reptilian, creatures of pure manipulative rationality, the recognized experts on mind control consulted by government and corporations. 1946 would see a federal national mental health initiative. Convinced that industrial warfare did not cause insanity but simply revealed it, a cast of mind-control puppeteers emerged from the post-war mind fuck to wage war on the mass American mind.
And here we are... in the world fueled, controlled and altered by rational conspirators controlling irrational ciphers, all of them nominally human, but none of them whole. Interestingly, these film makers through their fetish for “democracy” are part of the entire reality circus, pretending or not appreciating that consumerism and capitalism and ultimate mind control is not interwoven intricately and pregnantly with the idea that the mob should rule. This is the most brilliant aspect of our gaslit media state, that the shaping of our false consciousness includes people questioning the process in a critical way, claiming that mind control was unsuccessful, has been abandoned as a failure and you are immune, to stories of a fantasy plague for instance, or perhaps that a planet going into a cooling cycle is warming...
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Ricky Vaughn’s Ghost     May 12, 2021

I will not eat the bug

I will not live in the pod

I will not cut off my junk

I will not take the jab
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