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Jaxxination Agenda
Marius Cues the Crackpot on Possible Meat Puppeteer Agendas
[Crackpot comments are in brackets.]
Vaccination agenda
[Bro, step away from the V-key! I cannot write about medical matters—I might get shut down. So, let's say that your operational delusion, that the government is not at once our personal and collective civic servant, is, in the context of a science-fiction novel, reality. How would I plot government and corporate villainy given such an extreme lack of empathy for puppets on the part of puppeteers?]
Hi James,
What are your thoughts on the inoculation?
[I see multiple reasons for it: -1. Money, -2 Terror, -3 Experimentation for a longevity platform, -4 Sterilization which will encourage human manufacturing...]
The evidence seems to showing that mRNA is affecting fertility. I understand that a system goal is to monopolise reproduction and depopulate the planet. 
[Sure, what rancher does not want to control livestock breeding?]
However, it seems that the side affects of this shot are complicating the rollout. The highest compliance is amongst virtue signaling lefties all over the world. If there are severe side effects that become apparent in the next year or so, the system may have incidentally sterilised and poisoned the base of its support.
[Induction into the system cult is now locked in to the point that political constituents need not breed to continue compliance, indeed, the system is adapting to appeal to sterile minds, which is an import step towards hive mind development and post-human sentience.]
Also, The holy land has the highest rate of compliance worldwide. I know that this is a touchy subject, but it sure is ironic that they've given themselves a final solution. not to mention a special symbol worn to denote who has it.
[This is not a group whose elites have ever cared one iota for their underlings. Just read masonic law. All races generally split into economic sub-races like this, with elites preferring the company of elites of other races rather then the underlings of their own kind. Both Right and Left racism doctrines are thus false constructs that have us looking away from the fact that we are being slaughter-farmed by those sharing our closest genetic material.]
Does that mean the book of revelations was a prophecy? or the people who wrote it were smart enough to predict globalisation as the mark of the beast?
[In my mind Revelations has come true many times, a text that can be applied to a half-dozen events in our past.]
Also, It was a public holiday down under this weekend, to commemorate ANZAC Day. despite the tragedy of the great war, our national identity was forged on this day. 
Its inspiring to see that we still pay our respects and have the same values as the men who fought at gallipoli. We are not the same country however, and have degenerated significantly. 
I am optimistic though. due to a lack of supply for the jab, we have not yet completely poisoned our population. If this continues, and the side effects become apparent globally, i believe this could generate a backlash against the mainstream media and academia.
[The media machine in the New York area is 24-7 disease news. It is already being rebranded as an inclusion cult, that vaccination only works among the vaccinated and most Americans will believe.]
Truly, if this is bungled enough that even the sheep lose faith in the system, who knows what will happen?
[Sheep need no faith. They operate on fear and are triggered with scapegoats.]
For us though, we've been bought and sold to the chinese. Just like the states have. I doubt we will enter into a shooting war with china anytime soon, but that could change.
[I think you will be sold, not conquered, sold by your own leaders.]
In any case, do you believe america will come to our aid?
[Sure, every sale of humans runs more smoothly with a broker.]
Hope all is well.

Marius, below the political horizon, I think that more and more opportunities for life will open up for those who see Reality and do not draw attention to themselves or their inner heresy. Do keep in mind that the real vaccination is the Jaxxination, the fact that you will not be able to access the power structure in the future without that power structure possessing sure knowledge that you have been fucked in the ass by a Bantu overseer on this Plantation of the Soul. For those few of us who elect not to suck dark dong or grab our ankles for the reparations schlong—I am serious here and most Caucasian men will line up to blow the righteous within 20 years time—it will be raining women.
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ShepMay 6, 2021

Isn't "Suck Dark Dong" the name of ol' Joe Biden's CCP handler?
AnonymousMay 7, 2021
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