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Destination Damnation
What is the Logical Result of Civilization? With Mister Grey
© 2021 James LaFond
“The system follows a pattern regardless of the age. It shows that humanity was designed to be tribal, to be hunting large animals and travelling across the face of the earth. You have demonstrated these cycles, first in Harm City, then in Plantation America which makes Harm City make sense, and now in Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus—your Aryas project. It is quite obvious that the logical result of Civilization, is the rape of boys—of children in general, but boys specifically.”
-Mister Grey

[Editrix' note: The above conclusion isn't wrong but it omits the fact that rape of women and girls was a given through all of history.]

It is also telling that even you and I, having researched Plantation America together for some four years, still use the term “boy” for a lad, when it meant, for hundreds of years, nothing other than slave. If not for African Americans waxing indignant about the term, I would have never had a clue that boy was the lad of naught, to be abducted, beaten, worked, raped and killed in the human landfill that became America.
Going back to our earliest book, Gilgamesh, who took the sons and daughters for his own use from their parents, and Abraham and Isaac, and the willingness of the father to sacrifice the son as the foundation of our most intact metaphysic tradition, we see that static residency and large scale grain farming and the pyramidal social hierarchy we call Civilization, has the following effects on humans from Japan, to China, to India, To Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Christendom, and to include the Missippian, Aztec, Mayan and Inca Civilizations:
-Most men become slaves, just the toiling hands owned by better men.
-Physical stature reduces by 10-20% from the Paleolithic norm of six feet.
-Life expectancy is reduced from 35 to 25 years from the Paleolithic and from over 40 years in the Mesolithic.
-Most men are disarmed, as slaves, for only free men may bear arms, so if you live in a city where you cannot wear a sword, carry a spear, open carry a rifle or other firearm, and you pay taxes, then you are a slave.
-Disarmed, and therefore socially impotent, men tend to treat their women and children as cattle, the way society treats them, beating them like the overseer beats them, and paying brutality downward, pushing that shit downhill. When average men [meaning most] are disarmed, they may only feel potent when beating and raping women and children and by launching pack attacks on individual men, both social states common to antiquity and modernity and reflected in the story of Lot in the Old Testament and the story of Lamont in Harm City.
-The civilized child was originally an object of sacrifice since earliest times: Abraham and Isaac, Achilles and the Trojan youths, the Athenian youths and maidens sent to King Minos, the children sacrificed to Baal by Punics, those done cruelly to death by the Etruscans. However, as the worship of monetized man turns to his political system, children are sacrificed to it as commodities, billable vectors institutionalized in schools, hospitals and psychiatric dungeons in our time, but in the Plantation Era worked to death.
Perhaps the worst rape culture in known history had to be Plantation America, though it remains in the subtext. The fact is, with only 5% of the slaves being female among Caucasian laborers, and most of these used as hoe wives or married by the masters, and with something like half of the male slaves being boys and youths, homosexual rape in Plantation America probably approached the level of the Muslim world, where five year old boys are routinely raped by men, or the American juvenile corrections system. Wherever submission is the social law, rape becomes common.
The fact that civilization makes 90% of the men into non-combatants seems to result in a reversal of the general primitive ban on abusing boys in order to make sure they grow to be mentally strong warriors. On the contrary, if 90% of the population is disarmed [which can mean nothing other than enslavement] then the armed portion of the population is well served by raping and facilitating the rape of servile youth in order to break their spirit and prevent uprisings.
In general, religious humans will drift toward the worship of power and prosperity as signs of divine favor. They might refuse to worship an emperor like the Egyptians, Romans or the Japanese. But, in a prosperous society, one will be confronted with the reality expressed by a Washington D.C. police man on January 6, who reminded two selfie-taking Q-anon douche bags in the capital building that, “This is our sacredest place.”
For something as monstrously powerful as a Civilization, the child is nothing but food or a brick in the pyramid which elevates the fiends who feast upon our hopes and dreams and very decency from their all-seeing vulture perch at its pinnacle.
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