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'This Thing'
Science-Fiction Backstory Discussed by an Actual Science-Fiction Supporting Character
© 2021 James LaFond
Juan Stabone, the Last Good Cop, was kind enough to send me this link and note that it was of interest. The author has done numerous deep sense articles on crime and psychology which I have read before. This seems to be another case of the delusional and highly intelligent occupants of the Pretend World of Should, where such fantasies as “rights” [which is a truly bizarre fantasy concept] are thought to be real, imagining that they can somehow build a bridge into the Real World of Is and abolish it, turning it into a version of Should.
I cannot find a date on this post—which could have been written by Phillip K. Dick in the 1960s, but it has internal contradictions that lead this reader to believe that it was written after the deposing of the Orange Usurper, yet calls upon him as some kind of viable leader, when he was not even a viable leader in the years between the Drinking of the American Koolaid and before the the rise of the Sons of Bitches who put him out on His Ass.
“I am hopeful President Trump may alter the trajectory of these things, but if they do not, let this page serve as a testimonial – Americans will not submit to betraying the nation or her Constitution, even under threats of force or coercion. This nation, and the real Americans within her will never submit.”
That a nation is regarded as feminine by a Son of Aryаs is disgraceful. The entire princess fetish arc of Edgar Rice Burroughs style cuck fiction has finally borne fruit in this hope that a loud-mouthed confidence man from a vast shithole city will somehow save a vast nation of truly shitty people from turning it into a collection of shithole cities. This does lend itself to potential comedic angles in the plot. However, if you want your story to sell, you need a savior—oh yes, Savior—because your readership has been marinated in feminine hope and cannot imagine himself as his own savior. Tread carefully here.
Despite the delusional tone of the article, that extols such bankrupt terms as freedom and rights as if they are real and good, when they are neither, and the fact that this writer could be a hundred people, because he does not even have a name, and is therefore a fictional character—though I think written by a single author, as his script is pretty tight—I know much of what he says to be true.
The spy state he describes, a mix of private and goboment actors, is real, has afflicted me and is insightfully described by the author. I find this thesis to be a most realistic picture of near future America and useful for any fiction writer. Keep in mind that things are changing so quickly on many levels, that by the time you get done writing your novel, that major social change will have occurred. This means that we are all writing science-fiction now. The Creep State has recently released me from bondage since I've been a good boy and stuck with writing fiction and history.
The very “Thing” he describes is the essence and purpose of all state control systems since the dawn of Civilized Time. His exposure of some of its internal purge mechanics is helpful and interesting for the construction of a thrilling and realistic story line. However, the fact that he is not an actual person with a name and a face, who is still publishing supposed anti-government tracts on line without being shut down, and that he holds out government action as the solution for the government problem, makes me think that he is perhaps a team of government actors tasked with managing the delusionists that were not bagged January Last and sending them down deeper rabbit holes to be snared, nagged, baked and made into tasty media cakes. I refuse to believe that an anonymous writer who extols the conservation of state power in service to greed in the form of the liberty to exploit and the freedom to dominate with government sanction less well adjusted souls, who rails against that very system as it tweaks and recalibrates itself to promote and demote and otherwise reshuffle the types of souls permitted to be free to dominate [freedom] others being farmed by the same system, is not serving the system. This article actually discussed armed insurrection as a good thing without condemning it!
And this is still on wordpress?
That is sanction, overt or covert, whether he is in on it or not—is it even a he, or is it a we?
Also keep in mind, for your story line, that the author could have been colonized, abducted, and turned to writing for his enemy-masters.
He might also have been killed and his platform taken over by his killers. The mystery around such anonymous oracles of opinion should not be wasted in your novel.
Us tiny remnant of actual humans who have souls—I'm thinking it is less than 1% of the meat-puppet herd—should take care to consider any anonymous person, who has not looked you in the eye and shaken your hand and declared his government name, as a potential pied piper. Think about this, that the forced anonymity core to political correctness, which leaves people seeking information from nameless avatars of anonymous voices, was simply an advance stage of the current regime, in which we are segregated medically and socially into those people we already know and the rest of the world who we are not allowed to meet unmasked, or shake hands with, unless such interactions are sanctioned with jaxxines, or other mob methodology. I think about this every time I do podcasts with one or more unseen voices, truly anonymous actors who could be anyone anywhere working for anybody.
The shepherd has never been good.
The sheep dogs have been punished by him for biting wolves.
Other sheep are now being formed into overherds to augment the sheep dogs.
They all look our way, except for the Vile Shepherd, I think, who knows that our own will bring our corpse steaming and roasted to his table so he may consider the stars and infinity as he feasts on our forgotten life, slurping our essence through his flushing lips.
Recently my Creep State handlers cut me loose, which let me know that they had a much richer field of enemies to cultivate than looking for prospective boxers, poets and history nerds to hold up before the bleating mob as sham dissidents.
Part of this is demographic. This site has not been a viable weir for the collection of weirdly schooling human fish.
Consider my site traffic numbers from our high water mark to this deep nadir.
Unique visitors:
Mar 2017
Feb 2021
The above information explains to me, my recent release from internet bondage, my handler recalled on November 10, 2020 and my banned books restored to me on January 7 2021. Unless it was the Korean chick from the Oakland bodega I hooked up with in March, I think I am now without a close handler as I drift around the country. I am not an enemy of the machine. I cheer its feast of my cruel fellows who have shat upon me my entire life. I don't believe in freedom, liberty, rights, America, the Constitution, democracy or any of that.
So there is the fact that I am not a threat to the system to consider. But even then they messed with me for three years, messed hard, took money out of my thin wallet four times. I have no way of telling how well this anonymous author[s] is doing, how many readers, etc. But perhaps you are in a position to. If you use him as an anonymous oracle, you might want to investigate his popular growth and/or decline as part of your assessment. So, when considering theories put forward by anonymous actors who point at the system as monstrous only because their guy is not in charge of it, consider that they are being tolerated by the system as part of their character development or presentation. Make certain that you frame such an information-rich character [who will usually not be the protagonist but an adviser like the John Houseman CEO character or the world computer in Rollerball] in your novel as part of the system—perhaps out of favor, like Napoleon on Elba or at Ascension Island, but functionaries of the system nonetheless, even if discarded.
Thank you, Juan. This was quite interesting.
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