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Super Zeroes
Devil Dick Cues the Cracked Pottery on Submissive Postmodern Savior Mythology
© 2021 James LaFond
Since we are now, as individuals cutting our dicks off, and as a collective have placed our balls smoking on the Altar of the All-Whore, I am willing to take another look at the superhero only because Devil Dick brought up an angle unknown to me.

The incredibles 2
Sun, May 9, 10:53 AM (21 hours ago)
to me
Hey James, I watched the incredibles 2 (yeah the kids movie) and thought you'd enjoy this: scene
"Screenslaver interrupts this program for an important announcement. Don't bother watching the rest. Elastigirl doesn't save the day; she only postpones her defeat. And while she postpones her defeat, you eat chips and watch her invert problems that you are too lazy to deal with. Superheroes are part of a brainless desire to replace true desire with simulation. You don't talk, you watch talk shows. You don't play games, you watch game shows. Travel, relationships, risk; every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever-sheltered, ever-passive, ever-ravenous consumers who can't free themselves to rise from their couches to break a sweat, never anticipate new life. You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process. Well, you tell yourselves you're being "looked after". That you're inches from being served and your rights are being upheld. So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. Go ahead, send your supers to stop me. Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens. You are no longer in control. I am."
My synopsis: Superheros are outlawed by the government because they come into conflict with the established order (the lawmakers and their pigs). A media mogul wishes to make superheros accepted again by creating positive perception. His sister is the villain screenslaver (she made the speech).
Most people seem to only understand the part of this speech talking about addiction to technology which I though might interest you as well.
- Devil Dick

Interestingly, there was a minor, comic family crisis while meeting with Mom and Siss this weekend for mothers day. As our cousin does geneology research, he has discovered that William Jubb, an uncle of my Great Grandmother, killed a man. He was a boxing promoter, a salon owner and was sought for arrest in a southern Maryland town for giving out whiskey in return for votes. The Baltimore sheriff refused to arrest him for this. However, he would be jailed multiple times, lose his liquor license, and be convicted of manslaughter, though did not do hard time due to a sympathetic jury who pleaded for leniency for the following crime:
Jubb Found Guilty
Jury Convicts of Manslaughter the Saloonkeeper Who Shot Billy Smith
On December 18 1912, an Italian criminal who went by the name of Billy Smith, which was an alias but was taken by the government and media as real, came into Jubb's saloon and attacked a woman. Jubb put him out. Then the Italian immigrant forced his way back into the saloon making threats. Jubb fired a warning shot into the ceiling with a pistol and the alien invader of America's sacred civic safe space came on and was shot dead.
There is no greater crime in America than self defense or the defense of women and children by a private citizen.
We have been taught through TV and movies that police are heroes and that super heroes are supremely cucked free-lance police that we should worship like ancient farmers wondering at the might of angels. In 1912 it was already against the law for a member of the hated European American underclass to defend himself against more recent immigrants.
Mom was scandalized, trying to think of reason why there is no blood relation between William Jubb and us and I said, "Mah, Jubb was the only man in our entire family line with balls—he killed a greasy WOP, a veritable subhuman ape, who was pawing at a woman. What's to be ashamed of?"
Well, since I was a little boy and before, the template for civic self-defense has been bound up in two great tropes, the most widely adhered to TV, Comic and Movie tropes there are:
-The hero must discard his weapon and/or fail to pick up a weapon available to him even while being chased by mobs of armed bad guys. This has even infected Indonesian Filmmaking, such as in the Movie The Raid: Redemption that I saw last night, in which an out-numbered hero refuses to use any of the many machine guns and machetes laying about amongst the corpses while being beset by five apes with machetes. Even in westerns, the gun fighter must not use a better gun than the enemy, with the exception being The Rifleman, a TV show villified above all other westerns as promoting gun culture. This is expressed in The Chuck Norris Rule as the ultimate evolution of the cucked hero who not only gives his wife to the State but services the State as tranny wife in his turn.
-One may not kill the enemy who is bent on killing you. This was even adopted as a trope in the reboot of the Terminator, as a way of the cuck actor making amends for conducting the best cop slaughter scene in cinema in the original movie—and then he becomes governor of a state?
These two things, the tabooing of armed men and or lethal force, even against armed men, have been inculcated in us under the guise of of entertainment. Our civic religion is based on the worship of the masked and faceless savior. There are other strands of heroism, that feature much killing of the hero's foes. However, for the vast majority, these are all government actors: James Bond, Jason Bourne [a Q-Anon trope in action movie form], often placed outside of government sanction due to temporary government misbehavior [corrected by savior politicians and bosses] in order to capture the imagination of the viewer who does not overtly worship government, so he can offer contrition in subtextual rites of taboo conditioning.
Devil Dick, that email from my sister with the Jubb story in it came minutes apart from your email, so I thought that serendipity meant something. I am thrilled to discover that there was an actual MAN in my family line in the Cucked 20th Century and hope my righteous mother fails to prove that he was not of our sissy, slavish blood.
To the specific point on Screen Slaver, the only real human characters in TV and movies are villains and they should be the heroes. The villain is made more interesting to appeal to our true anti-government inner self and keep us engaged even as we cheer for his defeat with the mesmerized portion of our mind. The best villain [the word means villager, or poor person] in cinema is played by Eli Wallach as the bandit Chief in the original Magnificent Seven, which is one of the ten most cucked anti-masculine movies in history. The heroes in the remake were better than the original and were less cucked. But the villain was pathetic and ruined it. Also, Bond villains are all better people than Bond, who is an asshole. To a large degree the hero villain presentation in TV and movies is a means by which the medium splits our natural psyche in two in the form of the two polar antagonists, and than has one half of us kill the other half in service to a higher purpose. And that higher purpose will always promote our remnant half's submission and disarmament.
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