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Black Mercedes
Planet Buzzkill: Chapter 5
The Last Bus on Earth
Unlike the other people—the crazies and the cowards—who were experiencing The Last Day on Earth mass transit style, Mercedes was all right with it.
So what if some Pakistani gas station dude gets eaten?
I ain’t got no car!
So what if some loser misses the bus and gets eaten by bugs?
That’s one less fool I got trying to get into my pants.
So what if I never go home?
The sheet of plastic over the front door is ripped anyhow and the crack-heads just walk right in—feast on those crack-heads Creepy Crawlies!
And work? Work is over and out! That is the worse job I ever had! And Mister Krueger’s slave-driving ass is probably getting infested right now. Yeah Mister Krueger, write me up for being late because of this shitty bus today! Your old ass is probably getting eaten in front of your big ole Lexus right now. But wait Creepy Crawlies, stop it right there: write Mister Krueger up for being late for The Last Day on Earth—now eat his rich ass!
She might be alright with the-world-as-someone-else-had-envisioned-it ending without notice; like getting laid off from Mickey Dees for remodeling. But she was getting mad, at these bugs wanting to get into her. These bugs were just like alien versions of all of the dudes that constantly wanted to get into her, and she hated them just as much.

Black Mercedes was a real person who I used to take the bus with and who worked at the supermarket that was at the center of the Mondawmin riots of April 2015. She is the most realistic black female character ever written.
-James, 5/11/2021

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