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Lead Time Under the Gloomshine
Writing and Publication Notes from the Graphomaniac
© 2021 James LaFond
I suppose you have long known that the person writing this can't stop—that it is a senseless compulsion. Towards the the preening of this strange need I must thank the webmaster and Lynn Lockhart, the editor for lending form and function to the fountain of words spouting from my damaged brain. This article is about both of those situations.
Numerous readers have been asking me if I am well, if I have been beset by hoodrats in this shithole dystopia of my not-so-long-ago, or if I need help getting medical care. My ether freinds seem to be confused about the connection between my writing and publications, and they should be, because it is strange and disjointed.
First, some very nice people are helping me out—have been since July 2018 when I went missing. I have head to scale back travel plans. My eyes are really bad. But, I have an appointment to see an eye doctor next month. Second, the fact that I have to take a couple naps a day to keep my right eye from exploding keeps me away from other—more sturdy—hoodrats as I poke about my former habitat. I am now living the life of a hypo-alergenic canine companion.
April was the first month in over a year and a half in which I did not complete at least one book. My productivity has slipped dramatically. From an average of 90 chapters a month and a high of 160, I am only at 16 chapters in the first 14 days of May. Un-fucking acceptable.
Ongoing and active writing projects are: Beasts of Aryаs, which is already around 600 pages but has 42 chapters to go, The 13th Tribe, which is even larger and has more extant chapter outlines, Haft, my first and only classic fantasy set in Middle Earth, with 7 of 14 chapters done, the Machete Virus novel, and a memoir Baltimore Requiem. I expect Haft and Requiem to be done in late May to early June. I'm not going to make an attempt at finishing a history book until year's end at least. Four large history books are already with the editor, and she plans on having two of them, a Plantation America double volume, in print at Year's End. Might and Sons of Aryаs will have to wait for 2022.
So how does the writing relate to the publications?
Hell, I've been writing Wonderfall—now at 174-pages—since 2012.
What you, the reader, sees on James LaFond .com, the Blogspot, Substack, Taboo You Facebook, Hobo Historian [still being set up and will be found via the Hobo History link], Pulp Fiction Renaissance and Death of a Writer represent attempts by young friends to save a crackpot from himself. I am even sending history articles to Rusty for a site that is not up yet. For the past two weeks and I think the future it should look like this, and might explain the anachronistic bent of this site.
-1. Monday
I write from my email box to the back-end of the site, posting un-proofed articles determined by reader input.
-2. Tuesday thru Thursdays
Lynn has scheduled posts for these three days sometime months in advance, as she does with Patreon, Blogspot and Substack. These three days are the perfect chunk of time for me to start, write and complete a short novel or to overwrite, arrange the text for and submit a history book to the editor, as the history books are all long term, generally half-decade projects. Just now, I am using these days to stock Lynn up on content in case things go badly with the eyes. This works well as I am usually staying put while a host is at work midweek, and because cross country train travel is generally Tuesday thru Thursday. Of late, I've just been resting my eyes mid-week.
-3. Friday
Crackpot mail box again.
-4. Saturday
When in the east this is often a travel day. So I will ether skip posting or will write something out of the email box. There are no scheduled posts on Saturday.
-5. Sunday
I intend to write and post a chapter of Upon the Earth every Sunday, though travel and health have impinged upon this some.
Today I am posting out of the email box after writing and posting this. I am also sending Lynn two articles I wrote for this some four days ago and they will probably not appear until late June or early July.
So, if you send an email or video, and I'm able to see the keyboard and screen, it will be addressed on the next Monday or Friday. If I post anything on Saturday I'll probably get chewed out by a lady friend. They don't cultivate those curves so that I can squint in shadow with one tired eye—they deserve full-spectrum approval.
Thank you all so much for being both interested in and tolerant of my ramblings.
James, 5/14/21
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Denise     May 14, 2021

Praying for healing for your eyes and that your body remains healthy. We need your wisdom!🙏🙏
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