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Harm City Serves Up An Unscripted Kung Fu Theater Action Scene
Shocking video: Sisters beaten with cinder block while closing West Baltimore liquor store
Wed, May 12, 12:24 AM (2 days ago)
to me
Oh snap!
-Mister Grey

I absolutely loved this watching this West Baltimore Thermpolye scene, with two little old, unarmed, Chinese broads heroically fighting off a heavily armed savage. This red-bone, low-yellow faggot demonstrates all of the lack of fortitude for which his kid are renown in the annals of Baltimore. It has only been the Baltimore Police Department and the Maryland National Guard, who has permitted the Bantu reign of terror that has gripped this city since 1968, when the National Guard rescued an invading Bantu Impi from a pack of defending Polish tradesmen in 1968 in East Baltimore's Patterson Park.
This act of violence is in the rare minute or more category.
Good job ladies.
This reminds me of the fact that Megan, my long time lady friend, has been fired from three different supermarkets for being a head Caucasian female cashier who defended her young ladies [of all races] from groping Bantu men who insisted on the right to feel up any bitch behind a register while checking out. I used to eject such scum from the store regular. Megan got fired by three different white men [2 of them gentiles] for insisting that they defend their cashiers from black men. I remember her walking up to me, as my underling and saying, “You have to defend the girls from these creeps—they're pawing all over them.” I bristled, and then stepped up. Her other bosses had no step up—because they weren't trash like me—but were full, branded white.
Now, it was not just black guys doing it, it was white faggots as well. But there was never a social peril to ejecting the white faggot. With the blacks I had to defend my actions to the owners and insurers as not racist. This was in 2006-2010. She lost her jobs between 2018-19 for defying black groping rights.
-Modern, Caucasian martial masters preach endlessly that combat is a one punch affair.
Hell, these bitches took a good half dozen block strokes to their little heads and kept going at it with this martyr of the police state.
-The Gunsite training officers will tell you that you need to put two rounds center mass to stop this veritable king kong from rolling you over.
Imagine, if you could find a white man in this sissy nation who had the guts to stand-up like an old Chinese bitch?
What a different place this would be.
-Any police officer would insist, as he has been trained to, that arresting this man while he held the brick is impossible and that he must be shot or tazed to keep everyone safe.
These old, tiny, Chink bitches disarmed this man! They stripped his weapon.
-Again, American Law Enforcement Doctrine, holds faith that it is impossible for a single cop of equal stature to subdue this man without weapon use, that subduing him with less than two or three officers cannot be done safely, and that five cops would be required to put this faggot down. I know lone cops who have subdued bigger men on their own, and they were all chastised by the brass and ostracized by their peers for the crime of high physical agency in the line of duty.
Bro, bring on the Pollack—there has got to be a 70-year-old American of Polish descent somewhere in Baltimore—Oh, maybe not, the cops said they were not allowed to hurt their attackers and drove them out of town when I was a brat.
Of course, if some paleface were on hand to put this low yellow dog down, what would happen?
He would be arrested, jailed, and charged with a crime.
He would be found in violation of the Chuck Norris Rule by some media means, perhaps being vilified for being a former boxer, with the media, states attorney and DOJ insisting that he should have permitted the low-yellow dog to hit him with the brick before punching his glass jaw.
Oops, I said brick, when it was a piece of block...
This just reminded me how gay our country is.
Fat, faggot Governor Hogan, is shown apologetically correcting himself for using the term brick when he should have said, “part of a cinder block.”
I wonder how I might be taken to task for misnaming the thing in the feral hand.
Look, to “brick” a person in various eastern American prefectures of Bantuistan, is to use any hard, angular object, such as a stone, ashtray or trophy base, to strike a person, usually in the head or face.
Thank God for tough, little, Chink bitches.
Perhaps, in the future, each white infotech male worker in America should be assigned a middle-aged or elderly Chinese woman as a bodyguard?
This makes sense in that, other than the police, only old Asian women and healthy, violent African Americans seem to be sanctioned by the government for the use of violence. In fact, street violence by African Americans is 100% socially acceptable, unless they are attacking Asians!
Cop violence is acceptable unless they are attacking African Americans.
This strange granting of privileges to use violence is limited to:
-Asia women, the weakest among us,
-Cops, the most sadistic among us,
-Blacks, the least cohesive and least organized among us.
It seems from this view that the System wants sadism, mayhem and vulnerability from its denizens.
Somewhere an ireful eye glints avariciously from the polished nails of a fiendish hand, grown ever more grasping in the gas light of a plan that has come fruitfully together.
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